An All Out War Has Broken Out Between Mexican Military and the Drug Cartels on the Streets of Culiacán, Sinaloa

I’m guessing the army was caught off guard but based on the videos it seems like the cartels were trying to send a pretty strong message.

Corruption in Mexico is to deeply entrenched with the government officials paid off by the cartels. The Mexican Army isn’t immune from the corruption also.
I don’t know Mexico’s gun laws but there should be ways for people to get guns and organize vigilante squads against the cartels.

Yeah I am going to disagree with you on this. The Fake News media more than anything does not control the narrative and more and more people are getting woke to the propaganda news cycles of the legacy media outlets. Subscriptions to the very same traditional media outlets with print and digital are seeing declining numbers to which is suggestive that more and more are also seeking alternative sources to being informed than from the sources and media conglomerates that you speak of that are controlling the narrative. If the latter were true, then there would be a no need for censorship by the tech companies to try to silence dissenting voices antithetical to their liberal Marxism dogma that comes way of the masters which is China.

The Dem media may wage war all they want, it doesn’t mean they are winning, which should say something when it was the very same media that got Trump elected to the White house to begin with.

So Don Jr.? You bet! Sign me up! Because as far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as Democrats anymore. Today’s so called progressives, is really a Marxist scourge in disguise, and failing to see that only means you are either out of touch and Misinformed, or maybe both! (not you in particular but meaning in general)

Mexico’s gun laws are pretty strict. A few years back I remember a story where they arrested a Marine who accidentally drove into Mexico who had a shotgun gun rack in his truck and two other loaded weapons. He was stopped by the Mexican Popo and subsequently charged and imprisoned where he spent almost a year in jail.

I’m not ready to give the average voter that much credit. Certainly in our conservative bubble it’s true, but I don’t have that faith in the general population yet.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope you’re right.

The next election will tell me more about that one way or another. Until then, I’m staying cautious, and even skeptical.

In effect, the US is not much different…

Monte, more of your drivel.Where isn’t there any government corruption in the U.S. or elsewhere. Some countries are worse than others.

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Bc Obama gave the cartels guns. Operation Fast and Furious.

So are saying that Trump being elected was an anomaly and not the will of the people in total rebuke of the establishment? The fact Democrats out spent Tump with a favourable ratio and still lost is something they still can’t seem to get over! It still haunts them in their dreams and I only see it getting worse for them as a result of their failed attempt to obstruct a duly elected mandate!

Maybe. Maybe not.

I don’t know.

Like I said, I hope I’m wrong and you’re right in your assessment of the electorate.

You one of those! A undefeated Football team that still hasn’t convinced you they are for real! I know such a team! Lol!

But your crow is always the blackest crow.

This what the U.S. will look like with the cartel thugs coming across the border.

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thought Trump had that all wrapped up…:rofl:

Monte, the House in an allout war with Trump. If he he discovered a cure for Leukemia and Cystic Fibrosis on the same day , you and all the Dem Libtards would find a fault with it.
Not all the illegals are cartel members, but enough to ruin lives with drugs and kill anyone who opposes them.
The open border NUTS, ignore Trumps attempts to secure the border. They won’t acknowledge the Angel Moms that lost family members to illegals and their drug gangs.
A wall won’t be perfect, but it will be better than what we have now. Get your head out of your ASS and at least support his efforts at securing the border.
Would you like to see these types of drug gangs as in the videos where you live???


Maybe he lives in a gated community so he believes he is protected. Why not let people he doesn’t know suffer the consequences of his beliefs as long as it doesn’t personally affect him?

Afterall, isn’t that the way of the left?

FFS, it’s an inquiry, what are you afraid of, Trump’s top diplomat to Ukraine’s damning testimony. I know you haven’t read his 16 page opening statement that’s available to you.

He can’t even find a cure for his own narcissism. What causes you to hold on to hope hell cure leukemia or CF???

When are you going to understand that American politicians are largely globalists and Trump’s an anomaly that will be GONE…

In other words, jump on the bandwagon. Take the easy way out. Submit.

When are you going to understand that Americans rejected globalism which resulted in Trump being elected?