Mexico: Senate Passes Bill to Allow Presidential Referendum

What Happened: The Mexican Senate has approved a controversial bill to allow recall referendums halfway through presidents’ six-year terms, Reuters reported Oct. 15. The legislation now faces a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, where it is expected to pass as well.

Why It Matters: Organizing a referendum on his presidency, which could be held in early 2022, could help Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to ensure that he retains legitimacy for the second half of his term. Some fear Lopez Obrador could use passage of the measure to promote a national referendum on removing or extending presidential term limits.

Background: Mexican presidents are only allowed to serve a single term, which has resulted in numerous “lame-duck” presidents in the past. If the measure under consideration passes, Lopez Obrador might find it easier to pass his legislative proposals during the second half of his term.

That country is so corrupt, I wouldn’t be surprised if that socialist declares himself President for life. It’s not like it matters, most of his population lives here anyway suckling off the US government’s teat.

Anything that Mexico does will be corrupt and influenced by the narco terrorist cartels. The whole country should be leveled with MOABs - but only after we send them all back.

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Not ever going to happen…

Well the country is now on lock down due to a war between government forces and drug cartels! So not too far from being dangerously close to a failed state!