America is wrong about Ukraine

What is happening in Ukraine? Before diving into the events unfolding on the borderlands of Europe, let’s jump past some basic concerns I have about even writing this article. If you were to speak with a man who existed in hypocrisy like a fish exists in water, how often would you care to bring up the Golden Rule? At what point, after witnessing so many sociopathic forays, would you accept the futility of once again voicing calls for fairness?

The United States, in its current state, is the material embodiment of paranoia. Since World War 2, as if driven to madness by the nuclear waste infused blood on our hands, no stone is too small to risk remaining upturned. When September 11th happened, as is often true of the relationship between trauma and comorbidities, our already severe pathology became a terminal illness.

Paid for with our very future, this once revolutionary republic has dragged itself through every mud-drenched, sun scarred hellscape under the stars, all in a fear-drunk hope of catching a glance at the incoming punch we believe to be promised by karma.

And when every dollar was spent and ever pebble inspected, non-aggressive countries wary of external powers dictating their scientific or militaristic developments would be vilified so the role of enemy never remain unfilled.
Was the Monroe Doctrine just a Joke?

In 1923, the Monroe Doctrine warned European colonizers that the United States would not tolerate further colonization of the Western Hemisphere. Just 60 years ago, when the Soviet Union began the building of missile-launching sites in Cuba, it was the Monroe Doctrine John Kennedy would symbolically invoke.

Since that time, the United States and its allies in NATO have spent countless billions of dollars nearly encircling Russia with military bases.

For no other reason than military superiority, which is hardly an ethical justification, what would be imaginable for an America – an enemy within striking range – became the global expectation.
Obama’s Messaging Failure

Consider the reaction in America if Vladimir Putin came into office advocating for a military alliance between Russia and the government in Mexico. The brash, globalist minded Obama burst into the White House doors with just that sentiment.

Obama said it was important to “send a clear signal throughout Europe that we are going to continue to abide by the central belief … that countries who seek and aspire to join NATO are able to join NATO.” Biden has continues with this exact same rhetoric.

To understand why such messaging is disastrous to Ukraine, you need to understand the under-reported demographic makeup of the state once affectionately known as “little Russia.” As revealed by the Orange Revolution, the country is badly divided between the west and the Russian speaking east.

The Ukrainian Civil War

In America’s haste to bring Ukraine into its military fold, as is so common in stories such as this, weapons and support were delivered to some particularly unsavory characters during the Ukrainian Civil War. For a country that so freely invokes Nazi imagery in its domestic, internal conflicts, our standards abroad are more forgiving.

Pictured along with John McCain, Oleh Tyahnybok is leader of Svoboda, a Ukrainian political party that received over 40 percent of the 2012 vote in many parts of western Ukraine. To briefly explain the Nazi roots of this political party, it’s important to note that some 800,000 ■■■■ were murdered in Ukraine during the German occupation, many of them by a Ukrainian auxiliary known as the Galicia Division. When Western Ukrainian citizens organized a ceremony honoring the unit, it was Oleg Pankevich, a Svovoda parliamentarian, who did the honors of being front and center.

“I was horrified to see photographs…of young Ukrainians wearing the dreaded SS uniform with swastikas clearly visible on their helmets as they carried caskets of members of this Nazi unit, lowered them into the ground, and fired gun salutes in their honor,” World ■■■■■■ Congress president Ronald Lauder wrote in a letter at the time.

Picture how the United States would feel if Russia provided financial and militaristic aid to literal Nazi organizations in Canada.

In history, those surrounded by enemies promising continuation to conflict have not been seen as the aggressor. However, Russia taking offense to Western funding of horrible elements in bordering countries has created this irrational outrage, when no country on our planet would condone such a flagrant attempt at encroachment.

The American economy is in free-fall, and the vast majority of Americans are lacking any faith in its leadership. Regarding both Russia and America, choosing deescalation and seeking mutual collaboration could be the only way to appropriately respond to the true threat posed by China.

I think you’re wrong about Ukraine. It’s been a hotbed of the Khazarian mafia for centuries because that’s where the Khazars had their empire since the 6th century when the Khazars came from eastern Asia, until it was destroyed by Christian Russia.

The Maidan violence and coup in 2013-2014 was staged by the Khazarians and things went from bad to worse for Christian Ukrainians. Needless to say, corrupt Poroshenko is a Khazarian and a convenient tool for the American Khazarians such as Nuland.

Intelligent Russians know that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was a Khazarian takeover of Mother Russia, as a result of which millions of Christian Russians as well as Ukrainians were brutally murdered. Hitler’s invasion of Russia was actually an attempt to take out the Bolsheviks and that’s why the Ukrainians welcomed Hitler’s army with open arms.

Real clash of civilization is being played out in Ukraine between the Christian civilization and demonic Khazarians. Truth is hard to find because the mainstream media is in the hands of Khazarians who have successfully manipulated the minds of Christians who were pitted against each other only to benefit the Khazarians.

The information below is not 100% accurate because it is controlled by the Khazars themselves. Khazars - Wikipedia

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