Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cow Farts


Every authoritarian group undergoes this at the beginning. Stalin vs Trotsky. Hitler vs Ernst Rohm.


You must tear down what is before you can rebuild what must be.


Even if – especially if? – you’ve no clue how what must be can possibly be.

The magical thinking of the Left is astounding. In one sense Thatcher didn’t go far enough: people run out of other people’s money well before they run out of Unicorns and Rainbow Wishes. Victims would write to their dear Stalin thinking if only he knew for instance. It isn’t just that they are destructive and ruinous but that they are deluded and deceivable.


Cortex in my opinion is a distraction allowing the Democrats to work their magic with out being noticed. The DNC let her run with the Green Deal knowing it was never going to pan out. While the country watches AOC people like Pelosi are off doing their own thing.


Tsheep for the most part are just idiots and dreamers who think life is a combination of Walt Disney/Nature channel and Scifi where man has mastered free energy.

Their leaders aren’t so simple, they are just modern day Marxists who will deceive and lie their way into absolute power by any means necessary and the sheep won’t realize what they’ve done to themselves and the rest of us until it’s over.


There may well be a lot of truth in this. She also makes the average leftwing wacko in congress or running for president look pretty mild by comparison so now just about any of them can run as a supposed “centrist” with her representing the left.






You may be right, however, I think people are paying attention to the hoodwink of Piglousi therefore are going to find out its going to be a lot harder to pass something such as “we will have to pass it first for you to know whats inside it” kind of thing! For me, its all about "Friday is coming!


The worst thing about the Occasional Cortex is that she makes the previous leftwing loons look moderate by comparison…


I think that’s the goal.


Not for her, I think she actually believes all of this tripe.

For the party machine though, they love it because this too is their eventual goal.

Throw out the most radical ideas now even if it destroys her. When NY redistricts her district may well disappear anyhow and she’ll be a political footnote but the seeds are planted.

For the power brokers like Pelosi though and those serious about running for president, they can pay lip service to the lunatic ideas while presenting themselves as the rational centrists in order to get elected.

Look at how radial a lot of the ideas Obama put out there prior to his first presidential run and even occasionally during it basically were buried in order to get him elected twice but by the time he was governing as a lame duck he was all in for them setting the stage for 2016/18 and 20.

Hell, the lunatics on the left made Dole, and McCain palatable as candidates and those we have now are even making people like Lindsay Graham palatable should he run.


Of course not for her. She’s just a useful idiot. But yes, I think they are throwing her to the wolves to make their real candidates look more appealing. There are people who would still vote for Clinton if she ran so this will probably work too.


After decades of cultural Marxism the DNC proper is full of magical thinking, whatever isn’t outright crooks.


Blame goes to a lot of the parents out there that gave their kids way too much and was more of a friend to them then a parent.


Exactly, parent is also a verb. It requires work and parents have been getting lazier with each of the last four or five generations.


I think that is the effect even if that was not the plan. Compared to her, even Maxine Waters looks more appealing.


She makes even Bernie look almost sane.


Heck, Bernie is even sane compared to Warren and Harris … or even Hillary. :wink:


Nah, they are sane, just evil. Bernie is nuts, but he’s not evil.