Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cow Farts

That’s right, AOC is all concerned about Cows farting and contributing to climate change. In her Green New Deal, she goes after Cows and their dirty habits.

Enough is enough, I’ve had it with AOC. First, she will demand that we cull all of the Cows, that’s right kiddies suck it up and pour some water on that cereal. No more hamburgers, steaks or anything that comes from Cows. But you know it won’t end with Cows.

These ranchers are pretty darn smart. Get rid of their Cows and next thing you know they will have Sheep running all over the place shitting things up. Might as well go ahead and cull the Sheep now and get it over with.

Goats just plain suck, their milk stinks, Goat meat, if not prepared correctly, is like chewing shoe leather. Besides that Goats talk back.

That leaves us with Hogs. Dear God she will come for our bacon.

Now if I were in charge I would send the EPA into Congress and have them clean up all of that bull shit they are trying to sell to the American People.


Absolutely, you shouldn’t be eating sodium nitrate. Not good for you.

I only eat uncured bacon, so there…


Is she not aware that the guts of human vegetarians produces more methane gas than those of omnivorous humans?

It’s also noteworthy that people who speak very rapidly (as she does) produce more CO2 than more docile speakers. She is a double threat to the environment. :smile:


AOC is definitely a blithering idiot. But we should not forget the political power of a large group of useful idiots that will vote for such nonsense programs as she and Bernie promote.

They will use these issues to get liberals elected and then waste time in Congress trying to get the bills passed that will be necessary to implement them…that is, when they are not busy investigating President Trump and attempting to impeach him.

Liberalism is a mental disorder…with a large following of useful idiots.

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If it were up to AOC, we plebs would be eating bugs. Yum… stir fried crickets

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Well, first you’re going to have to explain to her that milk comes from cows. Like some people she probably thinks it comes “from the store”.

This is something I actually had to deal with once.:anguished:

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Okay RT… I hate you because I just blew my drink out of my nose onto my keyboard.:rofl:


I ain’t buying you a new keyboard lady!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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Speaking of the loony AOC and her being fawned over by the liberals:

Do you have a link for this. I’d like to read it for myself.

Click on the blue text. It is a link.

He/she may be talking about the Green Deal as that is the thread topic. If so:

If not, what asaratis said.:wink:

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That does it. We should kill every bovine in the US and replace them with Bison.

50,000,000 Bison Roaming free just like it was before the evil white man arrived.

What could possibly go wrong?

“Back to Nature!”.

If it isn’t cured, it isn’t bacon. By definition bacon is cured.

You can get nitrite free bacon though.

Thanks. You may be right. Our quoting system leaves something to be desired.

Your link is in blue text, too. :grin:

Never do that with coke or Dr. Pepper. It hurts, a lot!

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She’s trying to lead!

Don’t expect her to know the effects she has on those standing behind her.

Also, I’m not sure she would appreciate me interjecting the whole dogs following the lead dog never see a different view guff … but, hey, she might be vain enough to like the thought of those she’s leading always looking at her butt?

The problem with her leading is that she’s usually the first one to slam head first into a brick wall.

50M pissed off bulldozers!

That is a heck of a mental image! :rofl: