Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cow Farts


“What a county!” - Yakov Smirnoff



"Cory “Spartacus” Booker rallies his presidential coalition to advocate for the Green New Deal by comparing bovine flatulence regulation to the U.S. moon landing and defeat of World War II Nazism."

Holy Cowcrap Batman! Can’t make this stuff up!


Corey Booker is a full fledged fool.


AOC and Booker can perform a valuable service by touring rural America and smelling around for cow farts. I think they should be encouraged to do that.


Yet we’re going to need all of that cow poop to make “renewable natural gas” under their idiotic “green new deal” emissions controls.


I suggest they need to get a whole lot closer.

Five minutes each should do.


That’s what I had in mind.:slight_smile:


I can hardly wait for the first Democrat Primary debates. :smile:


“All in all she’s just another twit on the mall…” (apologies to Pink Floyd)


Oh boy! Talk about a walking contradiction! They really stepped into it this time!


In the news, today Cows have taken over the Capitol Building lawn in protest over AOC’s Green New Deal.


She was for it before she was against it… or vice versa.


So far, the lunatics on the left are looking to:

wipe out the dairy industry
wipe out the beef industry
wipe out the fossil fuel industry
wipe out the insurance industry
Crush the wealthy job creators with obscene tax rates
Provide a guaranteed income to those who choose not to work

All I can say is wow!


If they aren’t the goal of Cultural Marxists – people conditioned to react in ways destructive to the ability of civilization to endure – they sure do support goals and act like folks who are.

Useful Idiots weren’t all 5th Columnists for the Soviet Union, many were just those the influential Useful Idiots led, educated and raised.

The modern DNC is everything that the anticommunists of old were fighting to prevent.


If the animals could talk, would they be smarter than AOC?


If I could talk with the animals,
Just imagine it?
Listening to zebra spout Social Justice Philosophy?
Imagine arguing Derrida with an Emo, sorry “emu”,
Chatting Marx with a canine,
Oh what a thing that would be!


Get your yurt design plans out. Learn how to fashion clothes from hemp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was all a lie so not to sow controversy. Now that she is in, it doesn’t matter, she and other Marxists intend to turn our country upside down in order to be in total control.


Wagging the Dog, if it takes someone else dying they’ll do it.


Well I hope they are prepared for a full blown revolution. There has to be a breaking point somewhere, and seeing her swing from a tree would probably be a delightful moment. I have no sympathy for communistas like the brand Cortex seems to want to push forth!

Oh, but Democrats it seems, are also intent on getting rid of her with this bit of news out.