Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cow Farts


Oh it gets better!



Finally, a legitimate use for genetic engineering! Get on it nerds.


With horns.

I saw a one ton chevy that was opened up like a beer can from one end to the other by one bull that just didn’t feel like moving to the other pasture. He hooked it through the left front headlight and ripped through it like a cutting torch all the way to the tail light.

He wasn’t even angry.

People don’t realize it but the west could never have been settled if the buffalo were allowed to roam free.


Some of my family looked into farming them.

They will “herd-up” with anything including ducks and hate being alone.
When they want to go somewhere they just go there, obstacles be damned.
They seem entirely immune to pain when they want something.

We did our homework and dissuaded the relatives.

Overall, I think that they quite fit in with true Americans. HAHAHA!


All pretty accurate. When they move, they move as a herd. They are as big and powerful as a Cape Buffalo, can jump like an African Antelope and can be harder to stop than a hippo.

When you build pens to hold or work them they have to be at least 4x as stout as what’s needed for cattle and need to be at least 8-10’ tall.

Damned good eating for sure. One of these days I want to make a hunt on one of the free range herds outside of Yellow Stone.

Occasionally we used to buy meat from the herd at Philmont. They slaughter a few every year for herd management and we could deduct the cost as a charitable donation. HA!


I have eaten Bison on occasion. I found the steaks appropriately tough for wild animals, but the burgers outstanding.


Can’t get past that, you just have to tenderize the hell out of it.

Proper “aging” goes a long way with the steaks.


My Brit ancestors long ago figured out how to make tougher meat tender: slow roasting.

And it never hurts to wrap the meat in bacon… :sunglasses:


That and particularly with wild game not overcooking it and lots, and lots of basting while you’re roasting.

Brining for at least 24-48 hours and then using beef or chicken broth heavy in fat definitely helps.

When I was in Africa I got reminded of just how important the proper use of omental fat can be.

Slice the meat thin, and then layer the ometal fat in when stacking on a spit or shish kabob.

You can also do the same stacking and then put it in a twine mesh or tie it tightly with butcher’s twine.


I am a big fan of simple. 3 hours at 250F does wonders to tough meat.


I’m a big fan of flavor and “fat makes for flavor”. :grinning:


I had a Bison steak at a restaurant in Colorado and it was honestly the best steak I’ve ever had, this coming from a ribeye girl.


I roast my chicken like that overnight. Next morning I can hold up a drumstick and the meat slides off the bone.


…absolutely love the reference! It’s valid at multiple levels.


Chocolate covered cockroaches?


I know right? Couldn’t resist!


And if she got her way, the ape with a bone would be a good depiction of the government that she would have to implement. Lenin loved the word “smash”.


Dessert! :rofl:


And AOC earns six figures now too.

And they say America isnt great.

Where else can you get elected to serve in a unique political institution , say dumb things and be the media darling and earn 6 figures doing it .

God bless America.