Actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman among 40 charged in college exam cheating plot


Because liberals in general are crybabies and will do anything to make excuses for being mistreated. You thought it was alright to raid Roger Stone with full guns drawn? See the double standard? I am glad they got this bitch! I am always glad when a liberal goes down, they are all lying sacks of shit!


You would have a point if you could quote a liberal who celebrated stone having guns drawn on him, and moaned about this actress having guns drawn on her. I haven’t heard any.

I’m glad she was arrested so forcefully. She deserves all this and more.


Give it some time, I am sure I can find a quote! Also give it some time before a liberal moans about the way she was arrested.


Well, liberals do moan and complain, so that might seem like a good bet to make, but I think this issue - the exorbitant bribes paid for an institution near and dear to teh liberal heart - higher education - is just absolutely enraging.

You’re acting like two actresses out of 30 people - many of whom were stereotypically GOP professionals - investment bankers, business owners, doctors - proves this is some liberal take down…

And you are acting like these two actresses are somehow known liberals and important to democrats…it’s not like this was Trevor Noah and John Stewart.


Gang of 8. “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

I didn’t make it an ideological issue, I responded to it.

Rubio is a decent guy perhaps and goes along with conservatives frequently but on major issues he’s got his finger in the wind to decide which way to go.

The others aren’t even close.



One wrinkle here is that the students (the ones who actually took their SATs) may not all have known that bribes were being offered. Should they be punished for what their parents did? Bad enough to have an asterisk over your diploma for the rest of your life.

What happens if any of them want to go on to graduate/professional school?

We already have more than enough people hearing “you don’t really deserve to be here” or “wow, it’s amazing to see people like you here.” (Or, innocently, when you wear your own college sweatshirt: “Oh, did your brother go to Dartmouth?”)


Simple. Re-test. Prove yourself on your own merits.


They would know they didn’t take the SAT - obviously some might not know, but I doubt it. It is all about a sense of entitlement.


I think unfortunately, if they didn’t know, they are victims of their parents’ poor choices too. No one is going to believe they didn’t know. If they want to go on to graduate school, then if they are capable, their academic work in college should reflect it and they’ll earn it on their own merits.

I think, though, it’s one thing for your parents to have your grades/test scores changed without your knowledge and entirely another to recognize that they view you as an athlete (I understand Lori Loughlin’s children posed in pictures to give legitimacy to the idea they were student athletes when they were not) and know that’s not true.

I mean, what exactly are you teaching your kids here? To be cheats and frauds? Holy cow.


Certainly you’re inflicting them with deep insecurity about whether or not they can ever achieve anything on their own.


As a practical matter, even if up until then you were the most unpretentious, non-snobby, humble and non-entitled kid ever, you’d be in a real pickle if Mom suddenly said “Here’s a soccer uniform, we found one in your size, go down to school and put it on and have a picture taken next to your school’s coach, I know you haven’t met him but he won’t mind, don’t mention this to anyone though, they wouldn’t understand.”


Holy cow, that’s literally what happened per the indictment. The parents set up fake photo ops and created fake profiles with fake awards. And sometimes, they photoshopped the kids on to existing photos of other people doing those sports…


Seems like it’s the kids’ best bet to be whistleblowers now. “My mom made me do this, I felt so uncomfortable with it and I knew it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t say no to my mom, and after all she’s the one paying for my education…”


It appears that Lori Loughlin’s kids created photos with their dad of them as coxswains on crew teams. It appears their high school guidance counselor may have realized something weird was going on, the girls were instructed to basically lie.


The issue here, though, isn’t that college drama students don’t get a cut of the box office draw, or that the rowing team isn’t paid. The goal was not to get kids into drama programs or college sports. This was about gaining access to colleges that would otherwise have rejected the applicant. So unless we render academic performance and testing irrelevant to the admissions process or somehow level the playing field so that there are no elite or substandard colleges, there will be a selective admissions process that some will try to game.

The SAT side of the scam seems to have involved bribing somebody at the test center to allow access to the student’s test. The student would get a medical note to justify taking the test over two days instead of one, and the answers would be changed during the night. So the test was taken, and it was possible that the student thought that the only gaming of the system was taking the test in two parts and perhaps getting extra time for completion.


The kids still may not have known the other side to it – the bribery. You don’t have to look very hard to find people talking about the exaggerated claims they made on their college applications, or works of fiction that they submitted as personal experience in their admissions essay. Granted, taking a photo gallery is a step further than most.

But what is perhaps most amazing is that a college coach can get a student admitted as an athlete, yet nobody in the college administration notices that the student does not subsequently participate in college sports.


That’s entirely possible, but I still think if they actively engaged in this type of behavior, they lied on their application and should be kicked out. I get there are some kids that had no idea mom and dad were having their scores messed with, but quite a few of the kids in the indictment actively participated in misrepresenting themselves and lied about it.

Loughlin’s kids were coached to lie (at least one, but I believe two) when it appears their high school admissions counselor may have suspected something odd about their applications.


Certainly at a fundamental level, if you lie on your college application your college should take appropriate disciplinary action, and that action could include revoking the acceptance or expulsion.


Seems like the real crime is they weren’t rich enough to do it in the open. Spend millions, endow a wing, and your children’s children’s children get in without question.

This is just the next level down — the merchant class’s version of buying in.

Is anyone surprised by any of this?