Actresses Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman among 40 charged in college exam cheating plot


Yeah sure twist it around to make it look like it was my fault! I am not surprised coming from you that is what you would say. I think you have a serious reading comprehension problem and its you who is trying to conflate the issue.

Regardless of your opinion whether the Republicans I mention are true conservatives, is besides the point. Its an entirely separate topic!


Your post, quoted accurately and in it’s entirety.


That right!

Where in my statement am I conflating the issue? Please enlighten me?

Sorry buddy, but you completely lose on this one!


They are your examples and they are provably not conservatives.

Pick better examples that actually fit the mold.


Oh please! Acting like the pure as white as snow stuffed potato that are! You seem to be blinded by your oversized ego! I am sure you are real joy at parties!


You were quite simply wrong, admit it, man up and move on.


Its irrelevant and my response was appropriate! You just don’t like the answer!


Oh please, lets see what others have to say here about my statement! Otherwise get over yourself!


When you find yourself this deep in a hole the best thing to do would be to just quit digging.



Attacking me will not erase your own embarrassment.



Here is the college essay of the 21st century. Well done, America.


Filthy thot completely indoctrinated by black street thug culture - mommy and daddy spend megabucks to get thot into school so she can drink and fuck then move back home and live off mommy and daddy until Tyrone knocks her up then kills her.


You realize those bribes went into the pockets of the coaches and the consultant, right? That the ‘charity’ that pretended to be for helping kids afford college was complete crap, right?



Impossible to make that claim based on the information presented here.

Plenty of conservatives supported rubio. Plenty did not.

But how is this even an ideological issue?


It isn’t! He was just practicing his passive aggressive behavior because he can’t admit when he is wrong! He does it all the time!


Oh this is good! Turn about is fair play! How long before liberals are crying about this?


Why would liberals cry about this?

Personally, I hope she goes to jail.