2020 POTUS Election results and Joe Biden

With all the authoritarian government policies going on lately with New Zealand being the worst and the elites buying up property like mad in New Zealand do you guys think there is any truth to this video also you are Japanese what do you know about the claim 2 million Japanese where made to move recently???
New | Bob chat to retired PC Steve Barnes | Speakers’ Corner - YouTube

Could be or on the payroll of the Feds more like ie. Antifa, it’s obvious that Antifa are on the payroll of the Feds, that’s why they never get arrested, well, they sometimes get arrested but they are NEVER charged and then they are released, I mean they can do extreme rioting and actually commit bodily harm and they never get charged or go to jail, they just get released back onto the streets, so that means they are on the payroll, they probably pay them $100 here and there or give them money for the drugs they all are probably on, but they certainly are bankrolled to be the For Hire Street Thugs that they obviously are.

DaJackel not intelligent enough to be an actual Fed, very often posting like he’s off his meds, so more like Antifa.

No the place was shut down on January 29 2020. Edit. sorry I misread, yes this place was STILL shutdown on August 26 2020.

The August posts could have been in one of the forums Private Chat rooms, which is why we can’t see the posts.

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He could have been playing crazy

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Could be, my opinion is he wasn’t though. He was that crazy that being that crazy would be difficult to put on.

This site cost money, I can’t see them re-opening this site without having people that are willing to donate to them, and to collect donations you should have a good relationship with your guests. I don’t see them wasting money just for us dozen or so to communicate like this

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Which leads into my below point. Since we reopened we have 11 people here and ONLY 11, never 10 or 4 or 12 or 2, it’s remained SOLID at ONLY 11, why is this? Who knows, nobody ever drops out or more drop in, it’s constantly stuck on 11.



What do you two think we should do now than??? @lucy @Jitss617


I think we should stick around to see what is or isn’t going to happen. We should just continue to post as normal.

Idk i’d like to see how this all plays out maybe we can exchange emails with each other, Keep in contact in case his site shuts down


Yes that’s my thinking as well, stick around to see what happens but exchange emails in the event the forum disappears again.


… and, not one of the lefties that were here have posted anything. That seems a bit weird to me, seeing as they were on here daily to kick sand in our faces…lol.


That is a very good point.

My theory is that the left had to be deceived, where conservatives kept quiet, one way or another, as if to concede defeat.

The left had to be allowed to mess up everything for six months or so, while they could kid themselves believing their false victory. Now the game is over. It is plain to see that the left made a mess out of the country — and the world.

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We are probably the Hardcore Freedom Lovers.


POTUS Trump won the 2020 election. Americva did not vote a pervert as POTUS and liar Joe Biden

jziegelbauer@charter.net yours put Real American in subject line please so it dose not go to spam thank you

That is true. And he is doing more damage than the last five Democrat presidents.

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Joe Biden, ask Mike Pence……:sunglasses:

Do you have a theory???

I’m controlling the forum now, carry on……