2020 POTUS Election results and Joe Biden

No it was a planned event. There are no such things as coincidences regarding this type of situation.

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So are we all in agreement the same people are not running politicalbullpen as before??? like to agree


Does this mean that politicalbullpen is going to be controlled opposition or are we all in the shit for wrong think???

And who exactly is JimZiegelbauer???

I think there’s a connection with the moderators and the jackal. Maybe after January 6 he contacted somebody patriot got wind of it either turned over information or shut down the site. Now they’re investigating jackals claims. Messed up

Yes as far as I’m concerned and I believe the Hostile Entity involved also did the same thing to Conservative Underground and has now reappeared CU for the same as yet unknown reasons that PB has been reappeared, possibly to go through posts to get data about certain events and also opposition to The Bidet Marxist Administration, opposition to Vaccine Passports, opposition to Transgenders, opposition to allow Homos to rape young boys, opposition to legalizing Pedos, opposition to abortion, opposition to Mass Migration from Third World Savages etc

Could be a combination of both, but more likely the Wrong Think stuff. WTF we are literally becoming North Korea and China now if this is actually the situation.

Not sure who JimZiegelbauer is…but yes I agree with what you might be thinking.

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Do you know what claims Jackals made???

I never said that.

Conservative sites needed to be quiet until certain objectives were reached.

His claims where we are domestic terrorist that’s well known … Wasn’t he always saying he was going to report us

The claims DaJackel made were that everyone who is a Conservative is a Nazi who needs to be rounded up and given a dirtnap by the Feds, I mean he LITERALLY was OPENLY issuing death threats to a ton of members.

He also threatened to destroy this forum. He also has not posted since the forum disappeared on January 29 BUT as you see below he was on reading 2 days ago, amazing he never posted knowing how much he likes to run off his mouth with all his TOTAL bullshit every five minutes:


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If anybody is good at reverse picture searches you might be able to locate Kelly because I remember that was her Facebook profile picture

According to this Kelly and patriot posted here August 25 and August 26th

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Looks like the feds have been after him for a while

That’s not CU, I checked the link that’s Conservative Underhround News, CU is:


CU is still not existing after more than 20 years, it disappeared hours after PB disappeared on January 29.

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I did not pay him much attention i thought he was a retarded troll I believe if he was ignored he would get bored and just go somewhere else where he could get a reaction

That’s what I was thinking

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Yes, typical Totalitarian move, not surprising.

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Maybe he was a FedPoster looking for a reaction/threat of violence

WTF who did they post to in Aug very odd this place was shut down at the time

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Crazy … Maybe they deleted it I don’t know

Not the first time the federal agents set up Americans

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