173 kt meteor explosion caught on video from space

And there are other people (like you?) who go through life disbelieving everything regardless of the evidence, because they think (apparently) that there is a vast conspiracy to produce fake evidence to cover up the truth.


Well there y’go - it’d be a boring ol’ life if we were all the same?

I never said nor hinted at any such thing.


I’m afraid you did . . . at least, implied it?

“because they think (apparently) that there is a vast conspiracy to produce fake evidence to cover up the truth.” Anyhoo, have a good day.

Do you ever watch any of the weather ‘stuff’ on TV?

Did you ever suspect that the images of e.g. hurricanes were legitimate rather than being produced by somebody armed with too much cotton-wool and a large map?

Do you believe that GPS (in most phones) might actually be a satellite-based position determining system?

If you answered yes so any of the above, especially the weather pictures, why is it so difficult for you to believe that some of this might not be made-up?

Meanwhile, thank you for the slur, goodbye.

I can’t help but notice that the source link you provide is a NASA one!! LOL Evidence-based and impartial or what?? :roll_eyes:

I think you will find that that was in this post, which was not entered my myself.

What the hell does ‘the weather’ have to do with deep space? Non-sequitur, and not deserving of an answer. Goodbye.

Actually my discussion was with Samm - if anyone rudely interrupted a conversation I was having with someone else in real life I’d tell them to mind their own business and get lost.

Well he has the video from the definitive source showing that it did in fact happen.

I’ll ask again, other than the video what evidence do you think exists to document such an event?

It’s probably best to actually learn something about the subject before pontificating further.

Things going on in our atmosphere are not happening in “deep space”.

Yes, and it’s nice that you have found your place in life … to entertain people with your extreme skepticism.

Need I remind you what you said in the post that I responded to there?

And I suppose you didn’t even bother to look at the second link which was NOT from NASA.

And I’ll ask again - drop it. After all it’s your own self-respect that’s on the line, not mine.

Look, I’m trying to perform a public service here - I’m trying to counter your extreme gullibility? :innocent:

That’s nothing but crap. There was nothing about the OP or any of my posts that required whatever service you think you are providing and they most certainly do not show me to be gullible. If anyone here needs help, it’s you.

Hmm, so now the insults start - that makes you bigoted as well as gullible. Now drop it please.

Your first post in this thread was a insult. You should not expect anything different in return.

And don’t tell me what I can or cannot respond to. This is an open forum; everyone has the right to choose for themselves what they respond to.

Don’t sling mud and then cry when it splashes back on you.