16 States to Abolish Electoral College


There is an estimated 200 million registered voters in the US.

On average 50% of eligible votes vote.

Half vote for one party, half the other, one party has 1 or 2% more and wins.

That means 25% of voters speaks for the entire country.
In real numbers that means roughly 50 million people determine who will represent 330 million people.

Ridiculous? Beyond.

Excellent point. Another reason why I want the EC abolished. It will motivate the people who don’t vote in states that don’t matter, to vote because now their vote would count.

Hold on there Buckaroo!

When Hamilton as the Secretary of Treasury wrote his report on manufactures he was serving in the government that the Constitution authorized to exist.

In that report he expressly contradicted what he and others had told those with the right to choose to ratify before they had ratified … and he made no attempt to publicly advance such a notion before ratification.

So who was the Sovereign to make and to set the meaning of the Law? Those who Ratified in accordance to what they can be said to have agreed to? Or Alexander Hamilton even though it had been Ratified?

If you think Clinton would have won a majority or even plurality without the EC, you are smokin da weed.
It would have been a different game, played differently by all the candidates… as well as by the voters.

But you people have tried everything else so it is no surprise. You are desperate.


I don’t really care who would have won with the change. I haven’t made any mention that I want the change because Hilary lost.

I want the change so that every vote can count. Sure it will change the way candidates campaign, but it makes no difference to me.

Explain how this would be true? How would 2/3 of the count be subject to the tyranny of “cesspool” cities?

Every vote would count… including blue vote in OKC and Red votes in NY.

And mexican votes in California.

Just imagine all the boxes of votes to be discovered in the trunks of Democrats?


At just the right time, after results are in from other precincts and they know just how many boxes to load up.

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There you go making shit up again… for someone as educated as you are… you sure do peddle in uneducated conspiracy theories.

Which is funny that this is limited to democrats cheating when we have a election that needs to be reran in north Carolina because a Republican hid votes lol


How many voted? Give me a verified number

Lib classic “Go fetch the witch’s broom” diversion.
Please post a link that proves every California voter was a US citizen and legally eligible to vote in 2016.

I wish I could triple like this post, its soooooo fucking spot on.

I always laugh when I hear if we had a popular vote Hillary would have won… too funny
First thing I doubt she would get half the votes let alone 25% , I doubt even Trump would have received as many votes as they were both hated,

If it was a popular vote more candidates from different parties would be front and center, Bernie would have split off in the Democratic Socialist party , the Libertarian party would abandon the Republicans, Jill Stein whatever her name of her Green Party would have made an alliance with Sanders group

Americans are all over the place, Im sure there would be other parties too.

You cant assume because Hillary won the popular vote in a two in a half party race that she would be the automatic winner … ROFL


Why? The burden of proof isn’t on me.

However I misread your post… you said Mexican votes… not illegal votes. So with that, yes Mexicans voted in California.

They also voted in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida etc…:smiley:

I’ve never made that case… I just ant everyone’s vote to count. Period… maybe Hilary would have won, maybe not. But at least as a Republican in NYC I know my vote will count toward the election of my preferred candidate.

Everyone votes does count that is why the electoral college exists, because If I Lived in a smaller state or the midwest , I at least have a voice

The only thing the popular vote accomplishes is populous states votes matter more , If I was a candidate and the popular vote counts Im only campaigning in New York, California, Texas and Florida and say screw every other state, I don’t want to step a foot in Mississippi, or Arkansas

so dont their voices count?

Today republicans only go to republicans states and swing states… and democrats only go to dem states and swing states.

A Democrat doesn’t spend much time in California or New York and a Republican doesn’t spend a lot of time in South Dakota or Idaho. Today there are states that never get attention. With all of the votes counting they will have to go to states that they previously did not.

And those important states will change every year. Cons act as if republicans don’t exist in blue states and vice versa. It just isn’t true.

I’m guessing you didn’t pay attention to the last election as Hillary won in California and New York, Trump won South Dakota and Idaho convincingly

You leftist say Hillary won the Popular vote, she won 20 states, including Illinois , California and New York… gee populous states

Trump won more states including Texas and Florida , Florida was close 100,000 votes separating them, Texas Trump won by 800, 000, but Hillary beat his ass in California and New york.

Yeah the popular vote if every candidate was on the ballot, Hillary may have taken California and New York.