16 States to Abolish Electoral College

Forty thousand people in California got out of jury duty because they were not citizens. Jury duty rosters are established from voter registration. Think about that the next time you vote.

If you are talking about this

Then that is a lie…

This is what we face at the state level in new york. The 2016 election was totally controlled by the city. Those of us in red upstate were just along for the ride.

That one small blue county at the bottom is where Ithaca is… a filthy hippy town.

And under the electoral college, your red vote in NY doesn’t matter.

Strange how you can be miles and miles away in upstate from idiot never-Trumpers and still, by the help of a few sinister elite, they rule the whole state of NY. Mob rule.
In ancient Greece when the citizens voted, they would place a white rock to cast a yes vote and a black rock for a no vote. The elite wealthy of their time though would pay a majority some coins to vote their way. Thus the corruption of democracy.

But the EC prevents demagogues from getting elected … Remember? That was the lib refrain. And Clinton tried to turn their votes… remember? But her witchcraft blew up in ger face.

Latin class.


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You just made that up… I’ve never heard that libs believe the EC prevented demagogues from being elected.

Back to my original point… you red vote doesn’t count in NYC under the electoral college. You have zero say in the electors decision.

I’m glad that blue states are doing this. Let them split their delegates in 2020!

Red states should not though.

Dam! I was just looking at how small St Lawrence is compared to the rest of the state and how underrepresented the entire state as a whole. Now we know where the majority of those federal dollars goes to as well!

Why lie prag? If you are simply trying to tie us up with needless research, that did not work out too well for you. It took me less than 15 seconds to find the Time article? This was all over Libdom after November 2016… until the EC did its job in keeping out Hillary.

Many efforts are underway to block Trump in the electoral college. If Trump is guilty of the demagoguery his detractors accuse him of, doing so would be consistent with its original design.

People that come here with their fucking little leftist lies that they are told to repeat by the leftist narrative will always be shown to be fools.

You should complain to your handlers that they didn’t train you well enough to handle debate in a forum where you can’t just blackmail the mods to delete posts you don’t like.

You have to face truth like a gladiator, Prag. And right now, Truth seems to be well armed and sneering at you. And there you stand with your rubber sword and a chain of lies.


I posted this in January.

The house and senate both passed the bill and the progressive governor will likely sign it.

Colorado Senate passes bill to essentially eliminate Electoral College

Posted 3:35 pm, January 29, 2019, by Joe St. Georgeand Associated Press

The Colorado state capital building in Denver during the winter.

DENVER — Colorado’s Senate has passed a bill to have the state award its presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

SB-19 passed on party lines Tuesday in the Senate.

Democratic Sen. Mike Foote’s bill would have Colorado join 11 states and the District of Columbia in what’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

It would require Colorado Electors to the Electoral College to cast their vote for the winner of the national popular vote. Currently, Colorado electors vote for the candidate who wins in Colorado.

“This really is a victory for those who believe that every vote should be counted equally,” Foote (D-Lafayette) said.

The bill would only take effect if approved by the Democrat-controlled House and governor AND after enough states join the compact.

Compact members currently have 172 electoral votes across the 11 states. If 98 more electoral votes commit it would go into effect. Colorado has nine electoral votes.

It would also almost certainly face a nationwide lawsuit.

Republicans in the Colorado State Senate objected on grounds it is unconstitutional.

You said “libs believe” and posted a bunch of articles that don’t show that “libs believe” the EC was there to prevent demagogues.

But let’s say that “libs believe” that it was there to stop demagogues… could libs now be wrong? Which is why libs are seeking to get rid of the EC?

All were lib articles, prag.

Is Alexander Hamilton a lib?

Each article references his stance on why the EC existed. He believed it. You made a general statement and got called on it.

“Libs believe” isn’t true. But even if it was… is it possible that libs have changed their minds?

Like the Constitution matters one jot to the DNC?

I mean, it hardly matter to too much of the RNC, but comeon, I would sooner expect to find a still valid winning lottery ticket sewn into the pants of a scarecrow that I won in a raffle when I didn’t even intend to buy a raffle ticket than for the Left to want governance by Constitutional means.

They could care less as they have proven so many times in the recent past. DACA is the perfect example of the Dems disregard for the constitution.

Hamilton WAS the first notable figure to, as a public servant, openly advance Arbitrary government and voiding the original right of those that Ratified the Constitution in that report on manufactures of his … so, yeah, an early precursor progressive.

The case has been made.

Again, tell your handlers that those of you on the B team are not up to the task since you can’t rely on flagging and hiding posts. Please… send in the A team. You are getting boring.


Interesting read…

If he is labeled as a big government lib, then one must also agree that this nation wasn’t founded on conservative principals.

He also believed that the EC would stop a demagogue from being elected.

That may have been true in 1789… but not in and 2016. I’ve personally never been for the EC… I think it’s ridiculous and unless you are in a swing state, your votes don’t count. 30% of the US is controlling the other 70%. This affects both red and blue states.