Yup MAGA did this: 🧵

Yup we are going to post all the wins MAGA achieves… all you rinos read and weep!!

MAGA did this:

Trump’s losing endorsed Senate candidates

  • Mehmet Oz—defeated in Pennsylvania by John Fetterman.
  • Don Bolduc—defeated in New Hampshire by Sen. Maggie Hassan.
  • Leora Levy—defeated in Connecticut by Richard Blumenthal.
  • Gerald Malloy—defeated in Vermont by Peter Welch.
  • Walker - defeated by Trumps support.

Effectively losing control of the senate.

Yup MAGA did that.

Did MTG threaten them with Jooooish space lazers?. :joy:

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No need to get all racist in here sir

It was actually rinos in the house funding their opponents… RINOS LIKE YOU. Lol


A million excuses, you sound like a demorat.

People hate Trump as well as MAGAT’s better said magots.

Is that what your left wing polls tell you? Lol


Up 18 points lol MAGA MOTHER FCUKA!


That’s my president

Dumb AZZ

Trump Favorability Rating
RCP Average 12/1 - 1/17
Unfavorable: 56.7%

9 REAL polling agencies

That means he would get slaughtered in an election just like in 20 and in 22.

RealClearPolitics - Election Other - Trump: Favorable/Unfavorable!

Proof positive the GOP and boot licking Trumpsters want another democrat in the WH.

You mean when five states cheated?

He’s going to be the nominee, there is nothing you can do about It, except be happy the house belongs to MAGA who probably won’t certify another election if cheating is found.

He may be the nominee but never the president.

As I sad you would prefer Trump lose big than have any other republican as president.

The MAGA will destroy this country.

The House belongs to the mainstream right not the extremist right wing nut jobs.

You project nicely like all leftists.

One thing thing they will destroy?

The GOP.

It will become 2 or more parties the democrats will achieve their goal long term power.

And thn you can say I did that with MAGA and Rump.

How would it destroy the gop? If the gop doesn’t want fiscal spending, a closed border America is destroyed.



You just don’t get it.

**Jack Posobiec ** is an American alt-right political activist, television correspondent and presenter, conspiracy theorist and provocateur.

ROTFLMAO. Stick with crazy it suits you.

Not only are you a rino democrat but a fascist lol

Lou what happen to you? I remember you from
The other forum … you lost all culture, like smiley not sure he ever had any