YouTube to remove thousands of video channels promoting hate speech

Surprised to hear Crowder still has a youtube channel considering the fact that he is the most notorious alt right white supremacist neo nazi in America. The people over at youtube must be afraid Steven “empty the nine on the welfare line” Crowder will retaliate if they even think to ban his videos.

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It appears only Whites are being banned - They are not banning violent, anti-White black rappers, Communists, those with a blatant anti-White agenda, only anything that resembles, however vague, pro-White.

Including this guy:


Who wrote instrumental music.

IOW, they are giving a platform and soapbox to any/all anti-White hatred.

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It is a tricky line, no doubt.

What is deserving of censorship and what it is not?

You have a line that you find repugnant, do you not?

If phedofiles wanted to post here because of “free speech” would you demand censorship or would you defend their freedom of speech?

We all have lines we draw.

So begins the cat and mouse game. Content creators will get very creative in the videos in order to fool the censoring algorithms. Irony and satire are powerful yet subtle tools. It might even get to the point where very little can be uploaded because it will all be banned.

Should be interesting to watch.

Also, 10 to 1 very few Islamist videos will be removed.

No, probably anyone quoting Scripture on certain subjects … any … and please note I’m not talking about Muslim’s citing their book chanting death to the Jews (so long as not in English) etc … because that would be Islamophobic.

This is escalating quickly

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Metokur was talking about this, he was right about us being in Internet 2.0 and everything that comes with it; all the censorship to render everything safe for families and advertisers, remember when the internet was the Wild West? Good times.

Indeed! A Friend of mine was just removed because he is critical of Israel! Who would have ever thought? He is a independent journalist who has appeared on many famous networks too, but is viewed as an activist!

Im just leaving this reminder here.

But also think about it in another way! Long before this issue boiled over, the internet was the last bastion of true free commerce where Taxes were not paid for goods purchased! There were no control mechanisms for this until Politicians decried that sales taxes needed to be enforced! Then came the 2016 elections where opinions and the flow of information became just as important in the political arena that saw the ascension of Trump that exposed the nefarious duplicity of elected leaders being turned upside down and now the tech giants want to control that too! One hand washes the other in the larger objective being exacted here!

That is conflicting to say in the least! What I get from reading this is that I can’t identify the truth in what really happened or the motive. Anything can be made up to deceive for the purpose to serve a bigger agenda! The question that remains is: Whose agenda is it?

Im not saying grand here, just a reminder of past happening: Adpocalypse 1.0, people’s livelihood was taken away, and some went crazy.

I am not disputing that, just the details of this story and how it was told. But yeah, keep attacking the populace and their means to make a living and you will have a recipe for mounting a cultural insurrection! It seems we maybe heading towards that ends much like what is happening in France right now!

No one is stopping him from creating his own platform. We do not have an inherent right to post on youtube.

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Did someone drop you on your head when your were a child or were you just born mentally challenged? Seriously! Get a clue and know what the hell your talking about before making such stupid comments, it makes you look rather ignorant here on the subject matter being discussed!

Apparently the same people that scream liberty when the baker wants to be a bigot, would like the government to force business in this instance.

Comprehensive List of Alt-Right/Lite Channels Banned, Demonetized, Deleted in YouTube Purge


The Great Order
Cultured Thug
Patrick Slattery
Mr. Allsop History


Jesse Lee Peterson
Tailed Feature
Ford Fischer
Dan Dicks
Revenge Of The Cis

Martin Sellner
James Allsup
Steven Crowder
Red Ice TV
Red Elephants
Know More News
Andy Warski
Deep Fat Fried Podcast

Videos deleted

Owen Benjamin
Count Dankula
American Renaissance
Ryan Dawson
E Michael Jones

The Higherside Chats
Bre Faucheux

Angelo John Gage
Gavin McInnes
Red Ice TV
Black Pigeon Speaks
Drunken Peasants
Press For Truth
J.F Gariépy

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Drain the swamp…

This is definitely the biggest purge yet… They even got two of my own YouTube channels, and all I do is mirror other peoples’ videos, and on the one I haven’t even posted anything in years…

But I’m thinking they went too far too fast with this one, and I think the normies are going to react hard against it… Hopefully… Not that the normies are going to ever endorse my Free Speech as a evil nazi, but I’m thinking the backlash just could be enough to get the normies to attack Trump enough to get some movement on the issue… Just hope people like Ben Shapiro don’t completely hijack the entire debate…