YouTube Automatically Embedding

Everyone, we have been busy at work performing a massive upgrade to the site and adding a significant list of features, to include video chat live within a thread. As a result, we have had to work diligently to ensure that nothing that we added broke any of the previous content. As the server reconciles all of the changes that we have made, it may take some time for YouTube videos to once again automatically embed. The server is prioritizing automatically embedding YouTube videos as a low priority at the moment. As soon as we finish the upgrades, YouTube videos will embed automatically as they always have. Please have some patience with us as we work through this process.


Damn! So we can start a live video chat right in the thread?

You can start a live video chat as a response to a particular post in a thread. But yes, if you wanted to start a thread centered around a video chat you can do that.

The feature is live and fully deployed.


Will anyone be able to join the live chat once it started or do they have to have login credentials?

You can do both. You can also do video chats in the encrypted messaging section.


Wow. That’s a massive feature to be able to utilize.


Thanks. I agree, it’s a great feature to have and one we have been wanting to implement for quite some time. Chats of the 10 people are seamless. Once you get 25 and over, I’ve noticed some degradation in quality. We are looking at ways to expand the video chat to accommodate up to 1,000 people.

The amount of people able to view the video chat is limitless.


Just tested the video chat out with @YangGang - holy shit dude that is awesome!

Get all up in my video lol


We are working on mobile embed - for now, the app works fine. Similar to Zoom.

I love how you are always giving these right wing extremists all of these fancy toys.

There aren’t any extremists here.

You can start a video meeting just like anyone else.

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Why would you say something like that? Anything that we provide is always available for everyone to use. It doesn’t matter what their political opinions are or anything like that. That’s how we have always been and you know better than to say something like that.

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I just dropped into your video chat and no one was there!


You need to tell us when you are going to be joining a video chat. Seriously.

Don’t pay her any mind, she has to be angry at everybody and everything! Just her nature!

We are trying to keep an even keel here.



I want to live video with @here2bqueer and her midwest milkers.

YouTube embeds are slowly coming back online.