Why is admin absence?

They have been absence from some time
Trumps creating a new party - World News & Politics - Political Bullpen

And they have been inconsistent from some time did they become bored maybe but way was patriot modifying and improving the website if that was the case YouTube Automatically Embedding - Site Feedback - Political Bullpen

I have been told PB was financially stable and prepaid for between 1918/2022 so why a 7 mouth shut down???
Does patriot have enemies?? has this place been labelled extremist YouTube Automatically Embedding - Site Feedback - Political Bullpen

Maybe new people are running here??? @Patriot what is going on???

This site has been targeted by liberals and dems for sometime now , it has been shutdown before and the name was changed too . Those in power do not approve of the dialogue of the members .

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Yes and from a legal standpoint a patriot could have got in trouble for someone else’s posts it’s happen before Podcaster receives police visit over alleged AOC threat — but there’s more to the story | Fox News

I respect patriot for not banning me when a group was campaigning to have me banned it would have been the easy thing for him to do so I do not want to disrespect him and damaged his forum but I’m starting to think he is no longer running PB

Also I was a member of FB as well I know the background of BP

Keep a eye out for Urban Dictionary: Fedposter

Where did this guy come from??? I asked him he will not say Profile - JimZiegelbauer17 - Political Bullpen

Where are the people that posted about January 6th 2021 all the must fired up people where have they gone all was regular posters just did not come back for some reason all of them what are the odds of that???

If you look at the big picture this place is looking hot as fuck I feel that I should let other people know what I’m thinking as I do not what good people getting in trouble and this place looks like trouble to me


Those that silence us now will be the last to be silenced, free speech forever fuck all your laws that hurt your feelings… my life has already been compromised because of Democrats laws over regulations. Enough is enough. American culture must live on.


@Patriot where you at???

Why did this place just shut down??? And why are their so few people here now???

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They are to good to tell us what’s up

This place is almost died… We have 5 different posters