Youngkin jumps ahead 8 points over the commie Democrat a day after Biden endorsement WOW

Wow one week changes things… folks are waking up with trump like candidates.
Now we just have to fix the 2020 steal.

Hey Biden keep them endorsements going lol what a loser


Just like the Dems believing parents haven’t a say in what schools teach their childten, though parents pay teachers salaries and the school boards rule supreme over local education.
One more example of excessive control by Dems.


A source in Rome is saying that Joe Biden has 800 staff members with him at the G20.

Eight hundred.

Who doesn’t want the joe Biden endorsement

He’s literally taking 800 people on vacation family friends children. On our dime

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Joe Biden is pissing off a lot of people, including both moderate and extremist Democrats. He’s trying to appease both sides of the Democrat Party rift and making enemies on each.

Sanders and the communists want things that the moderates are not willing to risk their political futures to vote for. Some may hope that the final bills never get a roll-call vote.

These motherfucking have a million money trees grow in every City . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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God I just hope they don’t cheat

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The Virginia Dems must be working overtime to " modify" voting machines to count Dems and Repubs votes differently.


They are going to cheat. The idea is to not let them get away with it.


Of course they have a say, and there’s a system to address it. But it’s not done by threat or coercion or intimidation by an out of control angry parent yelling and spitting and pointing there fingers at school board officials at board meetings……And contextualized, that’s what Mc AiLife was saying……:wink:

And hopefully the Republicans in Virginia aren’t cheating……:thinking:

Apparently we’re now at the point in America that the loosing side is going to insist they were cheated regardless……:roll_eyes:

No evidence republicans cheat on a wide scale, 17 thousand duplicate ballots and forcing elders to vote Democrat under threat is what Democrats do


I would not be shocked if McAuliffe “wins” you know the Democrats with their “magic machines” and “magic absentee ballots” on Election Night look for the ENTIRE Northern part of Virginia to STOP counting at the SAME time, they do this so the rest of the State completes their counts and then they know how many votes to manufacture to “win”

Showing that Republicans are STUPID you would have thought they would have copied the Democrats by now and also STOP counting votes at the SAME time the Democrats do, but no, they continue until 100% are counted and usually the Republican is in the lead and then all of a sudden a TON of new votes get thrown into the Democrat column and then by “magic” the Democrat “wins”

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Really? Is a Democratic Party win going to be filled with accusations of cheating going forward as a matter of routine….

As you like to point out to me quite regularly that America is phucked. It seems to me that if a 1/3 of Americans no longer have confidence in our elections we’re phucked………too. :thinking:

That’s like saying the patriots were 7 points ahead in the third quarter so they won the game….:thinking:

Yep, pretty much. That’s what happens when one side cheats and cries for years after losing.

Apparently you don’t know the Patr*ots’ history? :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve seen videos of angry parents noneespitting .They have a RIGHT to be angry seeing their tax money used for LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION instead of teaching HISTORY as it happened. Alot of school board members sit there like OVERLORDS of the PEASENTS wanting their Asses kissed forgetting they work for the parents,not the other way around and SOME deserve a good ole punch in the face.

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You’re advocating the very violence that @lucy would go in and arrest people for….

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You missed the word deserve. It doesn’t mean that I’m advocating battery on a person. Only that their actions merit it DOUCHEBAG and only an OPINION.


Democrats can’t win, look at your party it can’t govern, and you won’t answer questions to Massive amounts of voter fraud whistle blowers.

Even Harris county in Texas cheated thou trump
Won Texas it’s still cheating.

Just show up
And vote like normal ppl

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I would just cuff everyone, including the teachers. My opinion is that parents have a RIGHT to determine what their children are being taught, if it is OUTSIDE of the general reading, writing, mathematics, if it is OUTSIDE of what has been the NORM for many decades then parents have a right to be involved. If children are being told White = Evil and there is no such thing as Male and Female and that boys can have periods and give birth etc and ESPECIALLY if they are being taught about explicitly sexual practices then parents have a RIGHT to get into it with these obviously Left-Wing teachers.

Instead though of resorting to violence, I would encourage parents to run for the school boards themselves TAKE OVER the school boards themselves and GET RID of the Leftist Indoctrinators, REPLACE them with NORMAL PARENTS who CARE about the CHILDREN and NOT about pushing PSYCHOLOGICALLY DAMAGING Indoctrination.

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