You Will Only Survive 3 Weeks in Any Survival Situation

So…I had a rather in-depth conversation regarding prepping…No matter what, it’s smart to be prepared in any situation, natural disasters, etc…we should ALL be a bit smart in this regard, however, the individual I spoke with told me that the average prepper, would last around 3 weeks in any actual situation. Certain important supplies are needed and most would not be able to obtain all…Your thoughts?

What supplies did he claim would doom everyone in within 3 weeks? And what kind of scenarios was he talking about?

Most people can’t afford to all-out prep, at least not without a long-term plan. But most people CAN afford to research and then build up supplies to deal with the most likely contingencies in their geographic region.

So while I probably wouldn’t last more than 2 weeks after a nuclear attack (that’s how much water I have stored, unless I start DIGGING through the concrete basement floor), I could hunker down over the winter on beans-and-rice, forage for firewood, and plant a garden in the spring.

I did a lot of research into Nuclear War. Radiation can actually be filtered out of water fairly effectively even using crude methods (i.e. sand/cloth etc…just don’t use surface sand). In fact gov studies show very few people would die from radiation poisoning as it dissipates significantly within just 2-3 especially if people shelter in their homes to reduce ingesting dust. Though kids (under 16) are a different story – tainted food/water is much more likely to cause thyroid cancer fairly quickly (their thyroids are different than adults, the younger they are the faster they will die from thyroid cancer whereas older adults will likely never get it at all).

I can last 3 weeks with just a fishing pole. These folks must be stupid.

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If you’re actually serious about being a prepper you should at least have probably a minimum of 90-180 days of food, water, basic medical/medicine supplies, fresh water, and fuel for cooking set aside already.

What’s most likely to kill you in the mean time is others coming to take those supplies.

It’s estimated that a major solar storm or EMP burst that wipes out our electrical grid and all electronics would result in 80-90% of the population dying in the first year.

I think the average person who is not prepared would live about 3-6 weeks depending on the time of year and how vicious the scavengers are. (Heck, you can exist that long on just water.). The average preper would last perhaps 6-12 months. The above average peepers would last indefinitely and repopulate the Earth.

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Absolutely. Disasters both man made and natural simply reset the Darwinian clock.

Sadly, we’re probably approaching a crisis point where a complete reboot is going to be necessary to save humanity and in many ways the planet.

Reduce the population by 80-95% and most of our long term problems are solved.

War, famine, pestilence and disease kept human populations in check up until the beginning of the last century. Advances in medicine, agriculture, chemistry, etc alleviated that natural control mechanism.

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That is absolutely the worst danger in a long term situation.

I think without people banding together to farm and hunt it would be pretty difficult to protect what you have 24/7.

Even then you’ll need a large full time security force to protect the people doing that work.

Completely agree. I think it would be pretty difficult to survive on your own or as say, a small family.

Heck, I’ve got all kinds of Heritage seeds and water right near me for fishing. But after 3-6 months if you don’t look like you’re ready to drop from starvation, the people that are? They are going to take what you have and not think twice about killing you to get it.

Then there is the risk of disease, infection and God help you if you break an arm or a leg.

Yup, life would pretty much suck big time if you could manage to survive.

Even someone who knows what they are doing who doesn’t have substantial supplies on hand to suppliment what they can come up with “living off the land” will average a loss of 1/2-1lbs per day.

I use to joke that I was always carrying 20-25lbs extra just to be prepared for Y2K. :grin:

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Berkey water filters are superb. Sold by Pleasant Hill Grain Co. As far as other survivial equipment, I’m fairly good to go; and besides, I know where all the unarmed liberal neighbors live. Yes I would, IN A HEARTBEAT.

Ever watch the show ALONE? You get to take 10 survival items. What would you take? Most contestants wash out in less than 10 days.

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That right there. :arrow_up:

That’s an interesting show. But some items they are not allowed to bring are firearms and real fishing gear and traps. A lot of the contestants have great outdoor skills for fire, shelter, and foraging, but feeding yourself, by yourself, as you head into winter (the seasons I have seen began in early fall) without a firearm is nearly impossible.

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They average losing about a pound a day. Slow starvation, deprivation and a whole lot of problems with the effects of exposure.

I’ve seen clips and a few episodes. If I were twenty years younger I’d definitely be willing to give it a shot.

The payout to the contestants though is pathetic considering what the show is making.

It’s also interesting that what gets most of the early drop-outs is missing their loved ones, not enduring the hardships.

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Weak minds. Your body can handle just about anything the mind will allow.

Honestly I think they are just using that for a lame excuse to drop. The best thing they could do for their families is stick it out and win.

Anyone ( ANYONE ! ) who is a true outdoors man, should locate a copy of the Professional Guide’s Manual. It was available from Herter’s sporting supplies in the 1960s. Probably find one on eBay. Well worth owning if you spend serious time in the forest primeval. A lifesaver.

A 70’s or early issue Boy Scout Manual has enough survival skills in it to keep you alive for a very long time too.

The Ranger Handbook comes in even handier.