'You will never make it': Trump mocks a reporter after he asked about an inspector general's report on hospital shortages

I’m reasonably certain Karl has, by the standards of HIS profession, “made it”…

Woah…guys! Format the thread! @Tyfoon

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And the IG he referenced is a carry over from the Obama deep state.
Karl is a predictable hack attempting to sell a book.

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There is no “Deep State”…

Grifty is a Reality TV hack being exposed…

They (Comey, et al) tried to rig a presidential election, yet, while in Russia back in May of 2019, disgusting neocon fat body Pompeo warned Lavrov and Putin not to interfere in U.S. elections.

When speaking with a U.S. official, anymore, Putin has routinely put this Cheshire grin on his face. It’s as though he’s thinking, “Just wait until you get what’s coming.”

Seriously, do you live on Pluto?


No…on Earth…

Where there is no Deep State…

Do you know why you are told there is?

So you won’t ask pesky questions about the deficit.

Are you referring to the Deficit or the National Debt?

I have some questions about the evil “Deep State.”

  1. Why are so many of its leaders people appointed by the infallible trump?
  2. Why did the DEEP STATE remain silent and do nothing to stop St. Raygun or bush II? Did it only become all-powerful upon the second choice of the American voters becoming president? If so, how did it become so powerful so quickly?
  3. Why did the DEEP STATE allow the second choice of the American voters to become president? What happened to the Strzok/Page secret plan to prevent that? Has the threat of the notoriously liberal FBI been fully blunted?
  4. Are there any tactics besides fluoridating our water that they are using to drain us of our precious bodily fluids?
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I was quite specific…

That distinction, and nexus, may remain a mystery to you, but I’m not a Recidivist Supply Side Voting Deficit Hawk.

Don’t worry. Deficits will become important again under the Biden presidency.

It’s like herpes simplex…

And your deficit projection is? 96 of 96 Senators did sign off, remember?

Let’s leave projecting FY 2020 for another day…cause it’s gonna be an “outlier”…

Do you know what the deficit was for FY 2019?

Doesn’t Nancy and the House have responsibilty for that thingy?


Now would you please stop bluffing.

Oh, here I thought the Constitution held that the House controlled the purse strings. Opps

No. First, the budget for most of fiscal 2019 was formed when Regressives controlled both houses of Congress. Second, the primary cause of exploding deficits under trump remains the free-lunch, trickle-on tax cuts given to the wealthy, most of whom share his career as an inheritor.

Unfortunately, your middle school understanding of Civics does not include an understanding of the federal fiscal year.