You don't own your property. You rent it from the government.

Don’t pay your rent (real estate taxes) & see what happens.

Real estate taxes due in cash are what forces the owner to stay in the cash economy with a job and a taxable income (you can’t pay your taxes in chickens & grain anymore). Being forced to generate cash forces us to pay income taxes, which makes us all tax cattle.

With real estate taxes we can never be truly free men. We can never get off the treadmill. We can never stop funding the Beast.

The government needs you for your money so that it can finance the corporatist police state. It extracts your money at gunpoint so that it can give it to the big businesses that bend government to its will by writing laws favorable to them and unfavorable to… to… come on, you know who… YOU!

It needs evermore of your money because government grows like cancer.

The bureaucrats sit around all day writing more laws, rules and regulations. The growing list of laws means that an ever growing number of citizens run afoul of these laws with increasing regularity. That growing number of laws being broken require ever more armed enforcers, resulting in more arrests, more fines, more civil forfeitures, more incarcerations and every more people under judicial supervision on parole & probation, which most will inevitably violate resulting in more fines and more imprisonment. Rinse & repeat. Its cancer pure & simple.

If you pay taxes you fund the mechanism of your own oppression.

Does Ruby Ridge ring a bell?

I don’t like this guy not getting charged with murder


Ruby Ridge is a saga of an American family who wanted to get away from the government by living in a remote area, minding their own business. But the government came down on them with a vengeance, with sharp shooters who killed their dog first and then the wife and a helicopter poised to fire-bomb their house.
Only luck saved the family from total annihilation.
Morale of the story: You don’t own a thing, no matter where you live.

Is the reason for property taxes to discourage rich people from buying up all the houses? I imagine if there were no property taxes and buying a house meant you owned that plot of land fee-free that there would be people buying them just because they can and there would be zero downside to it. However, since property taxes do exist and if you did buy houses that you never intended on living in, it would just be a drain on your wallet since the government is making you pay property taxes, so you’re incentivized to sell or rent it out.

What should be done? I think it’s disgusting that our whole wageslave life is based on buying a home. Having a roof over your head should be the last thing you have to worry about.

I disagree that a home should be the last thing to worry about. There is no one size fits all home. Each house is an individual investment and should be used to hold value and something to pass on to future generations. This is why I have a problem with property taxes…they rob the homeowner of equity in the home and are a barrier to first time homebuyers.

You aren’t charged a tax for ownership. It’s a tax on placement.

  • Own a house
  • House is in a neighborhood
  • Neighborhood has streets
  • You use the streets (unless you stay inside all day)
  • Streets are maintained
  • Maintenance trucks need gas
  • Maintenance workers need to get paid
  • You pay property taxes for gas and labor

See how that works?

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If you live in a house or an apartment you are still paying property taxes as your rent includes those fees.

Okay. This thread is about property owners and their relation to property taxes. I guess you’re saying that the property owner in the case of having tenants just passes the tax on to the renter. I get that. Not everyone can be a landlord though.


You pay a gas tax for roads and maintenance.

You pay sales tax for the government and the bureaucrats.

And you pay property tax for…owning something? So it’s ok to charge yearly for ownership? Am I following you correctly?

I would have no problem with taxes if I could decide where they went. If I knew they were going to make my neighborhood or state better I would be fine. But feeding Laquisha, Tyrone and their six kids while they steal shit is pure cancer.

I don’t pay any Taxes for the land I own, and Government has no right over, I actually own it outright!

Care to provide any context? How does that work and in what state?

My land is in Sovereign territory of Sioux Nation.

But if you’re a 3rd generation welfare parasite, with a dozen kids from a half dozen different men, or an illegal, sucking off the taxpaying American, it’s all moot.

Great. So this conversation doesn’t apply to you. Why did you bother posting?

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Native Americans could not understand the term, “own the land”. They believed they were simply stewards. You live on it, and take only what you need, respect it, and leave it to the next generation, to follow in your steps.

Why are you being such a dick? Are you naturally that way or are you having a bad day today?

That is true, no one owns the land. This was emphasized in Chief Seattle’s speech. Its a state of mind more or less. Still, I have a deed, I am the owner, and no one can take it from me!

Guys…look you have to pay taxes…because the government will send armed people to your house and throw you in jail if you don’t.

Not paying tax is complete bullshit. You drive on the roads, are defended by the armed forces (even if they are there to protect elite business, you still benefit from it), if you don’t live in a shithole you have healthcare. What you should be angry about is the complete lack of taxation once you become a multimillionaire. The “we can’t tax the rich otherwise business will die” argument is bullshit. Asking people who have their monetary snowball so huge they earn money sitting on their arse in a penthouse to pay tax is common sense. We are all being systematically fucked over by the ultra rich. If you think every billionaire has got to that point with nothing but their hard work, you are an idiot. It was 90% luck. Rewarding, rich assholes for being rich by not taxing them is what is killing the working class.

I can get how property taxes go back to the municipality that you are living in but why do I have to pay income tax when I pay property tax, toll road tax, and sales tax? What good is it and why do people think it’s a good thing?