WSJ News Exclusive | Trump to Pull Thousands of U.S. Troops From Germany

It is about time for America to reduce its military forces throughout the world. With Germany and Russia in bed together concerning their multi-billion dollar pipe line; why is the US there? Why are we still in NATO, a military arm for leftist fascist? German politicians are peeing in their pants now. I say three cheers for President Trump.


I actually like the idea of shifting those resources to Poland as the article pointed out.

I could only read the first paragraph without subscribing to the rag and I’m certainly not going to do that but I am with you liking the idea of relocating to Poland. :+1:

Should be bringing them home @jbob, nothing to be gained by moving them to Poland…

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Actually all you have to do is click on no on the pop up and the article appears in full. At least that is what happened to me.

More to your point, Poland has saved Europe from catastrophic failure throughout history and is one of a few countries that had remained steadfast of not giving In to the insane social engineering of losing its cultural identity like a lot of the EU countries have been doing. They also remain true to their religious values as well in remaining rooted in Christianity. Shifting to Poland from Germany would not only be better in the Long run but smarter due to Germany’s need to commit suicide. A leopard doesn’t change its spots!


Poland is becoming a cesspool of corruption, little wonder that trump wants to put troops there…

Yeah, nice job of pushing yet another conflation of fake narratives! Do you even read your own cited sources? Apparently not! :rofl:

Trolls will be trolls!

It is not clear whether the plan, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, is final, and some former officials said they hoped Mr. Trump would reconsider. Several said that, if enforced, the troop cut would further undermine an Atlantic alliance that Mr. Trump has badly shaken, and was a gift to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has been eager to see a diminished American military presence on the continent.

Oh look the resident clown is copying and pasting and not putting it in his own words! All too funny and proof positive the bot farm is alive and well. :rofl: :rofl:

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I’ll bet the Poles are looking foward to all those millions of US dollars to begin gushing into their country day and night, 24/7. That bit sounds like Afghanistan for the last 2 decades?

Well sure they are. But it shouldn’t be happening at all. Poland will likely be kicked out of the EU as they are descending into darkness.

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No not darkness, but ascending into light. For people like you who serve Satan that is your wish, but the light always conquers the dark!

Shifting troops from democratic Germany to the evolving dictatorship in Poland is hardly reducing global military forces…

Correct. We need to close our bases in Africa and Central America and disengage ourselves from never ending wars which have religious underpinnings. Our military is far to large for a peacetime force. I would suggest a 60% reduction over three years. Poland is under serious inquiry by the EU for many violations of fundamental democratic principles. Finally, any airpane which cost more that 2 billion dollars needs to be discontinued.

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Seriously? You do know that the EU is the most undemocratic institution on face of this Earth along side the UN? That is like calling kettle black! It’s crap!

Yes I agree with you there also.Poland is attempting to pack the courts(like FDR tried) with its political cronies, retire dissenting judges and many other dirty tricks.Poland is continuously waiving its paper swords at Russia and it cannot stop aggravating Germany for any little problem they think they have.

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From what I heard last night from Dr Buttar’s youtube vid about Trace 6666, you’re soon gonna need all the military you can get to implement that little nugget, which has just come to light? We are too, because what happens in America eventually happens here. I suspect the Antifa riots are a contrivance to prepare us for the prospect of troops on the streets.

I’m all on board with that…

What’s this trace 6666?
And there’s white supremacist groups rioting too…