Worst Congress in our History

Just when you start to think it could never get any worse Congress sinks to the lowes of Holywood.

Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House which by the way would be a joke if it was not such serious depravity on the fabric of America.

Just after Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib was sworn in she went on a rant in front of a cheering crowd of supporters that the Democrats “are gonna impeach the mother—er". Rashida Tlaib’s family are Palestinian immigrants that have a deep hatred for Isreal.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is proposing taxing the wealthy as high as 70% to fund a climate change plan she’s pushing called the “Green New Deal”. American companies might as start relocating now to other countries that don’t hate progress and good jobs.

These six witches have a combined IQ of 80. All six of them hate everything American.



Our politicians conveniently forget, we have hired them ( voted for them ) for only one purpose, to provide a service to legal law abiding American citizens. There really are no grey areas. They were hired to provide a service. That “FACT” seems to be lost in the shuffle. Or am I wrong. Their job is to keep law abiding legal American citizens safe & secure. If not, they are not doing the job they were hired to do. See, a simple paragraph covers it all.


On those grounds they should be impeached pronto.
You mean these six biatches.

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In boot camp, we called that the “HOG BOARD”



Look at the IQ of some of these people and the average IQ of the districts that elect them. That idiot congressman from Georgia that compared Trump and his supporters to Hitler yesterday is the same idiot who thought Guam would turn over or sink if they added more troops few years back. (Hank Johnson)


Hank Johnson, what a hoot. The grandson said ( when he was 7 or 8 ), Guam is the exposed tip of an undersea mountain. Now, here is the insult with injury to taxpayers. Hank Johnson is paid $175,000.a year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still no luck trying to post new topics. When I hit the + sign at the top right of my screen, I get the category field, the optional tag field, and the field for the body of the post. But there is no field ( at the top ) for the title of the topic. I’ll keep at it. Jim






I bet you couldn’t scrape up a decent pan of biscuits between the 6 of them.

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Hank Johnson is a loony man. He gives idiots a bad name.

Actually we never hired them. At least the majority never. Take Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez for example. A mear 15,897 people voted for her. So, we have 15,897 really dumb people that have put an idiot into office.


It happens in a lot of districts. Detroit is screwed up anyway. First it was inundated by liberals…now it is infested with Muslims. What should one expect to be elected by the useful idiots other than a maniacal neanderthal bitch?

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Michiganistan has some really dumb people living there.

Honestly, it is rather pathetic. Did you see her speech? She got lost and confused then admitted that she missed a few pages.

Well, we can honestly say, she is a few pages short of a chapter. Or a few chapters short of a book :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lack of term limits exposes us to being governed by people with impending dementia.


Voters are the term limits. However, I’m almost ready to be on board with land owners being the only ones who can vote given the gimme freebee nature of today’s mentality.

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That unfairly precludes renters from voting…along with all those whose names are not on the deeds to the properties but are spouses or members of the family living there.

Not a good idea.

No, it isn’t a good idea. However, the give me free stuff block of voters is starting to get on my last nerve.

The solution to that would be to prevent able-bodied welfare recipients from voting. That will never happen either.

I think you are being way too kind with that assessment.