Worst Congress in our History


How much longer before we have another civil war?


LOL that strong sassy black women pose, second to the left.

The Left has become a complete and total parody of itself.


True, because define “able bodied” and “sound of mind”.

Kripes, the Speaker of the House should probably have her driver’s license revoked.

But, we are in serious trouble when the takers outweigh the contributors.


Americans have allowed their country to be turned into a stinkpit of mongrels and are so stupid that they will attack anyone for saying so. You have ruined your country and all of the work that went into building it within the span of one generation.

Enjoy being ruled by a bunch of sub-human mongrel retards. You deserve it.


I’m not sure what country you are posting from but you do a great disservice to the men and women who have fought to keep this country free in what you’ve said.

You also do a great disservice lumping those of us who do all we can to fight against socialists into one pot.


And you are?? From what country??


I have to agree with Supreme.

Most all of the voting districts that have elected these idiots the voter turnouts were pitiful. Most people never even bothered to vote. These idiots were elected by a small minority of voters.


Rashida Harbi Tlaib is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She resides in Michigan’s 13th congressional district. There are 1,298,074 registered voters in her district. However, only 193,663 voted.

Only 63,782 people put Rashida Harbi Tlaib in office.

Then we have the GOP. Come on. Most of these losers are still ass hurt over Trump beating them during the election. Very few have supported our President. And we sit back and allow this to continue.

We lost the House because the GOP could not come together and support the President.


And yet Trump is our President which speaks to many Americans who do not want all of the work that went into building this country being unraveled.


A troll from parts unknown. Claims to be Hungarian living in Massachusetts, but you know how it is with trolls.


Regardless of where he is from or claims to live his position is correct. Just because you don’t like the words he uses doesn’t mean that he is a troll. However, if he is a troll that doesn’t mean his points are automatically incorrect.


He’s a troll because his first post upon visiting this site was a similar scorching indictment of America in a thread on the Bible. You can wait for more evidence, I think that I’ve seen enough.





Looks like a bunch of arrogant, entitled snots.


Love the stilettos.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. Here’s a play about women taking control of a Congress and implementing socialism.


The idea of females taking control of Congress and implementing socialism is over 2000 years old. Socialism is old… not a 19th or 20th century idea. Also, if you do a little research you will find the liberal revisionists say “oh no, Aristophanes was not showing how ludicrous the consequences of socialism is. It was a … yada yada yada”. BULL. Read for yourself. Ancient Greek comedy with sex and scatological references was not a highbrow medium with deep philosophical meaning. Don’t be fooled. This was their “Saturday Night Live”.


Figure of speech. We pay them to provide a service to legal law abiding American citizens; that being, to keep us safe & secure.


Have you ever tried contacting your senator? They all have their contact pages on the gov. web site. I have used it a few times with no results.

I sent out two messages one to the Democratic Senator and the other to the Republican Senator. Both were exactly the same message, word for word. I was asking about our state legalizing medical marijuana and why the state was able to do so even though marijuana was still classified illegal at the federal level.

One response thanked me for being concerned about health care and the other response listed benefits of medical marijuana. Neither response addressed the legal aspect.

Using their services for direct communication I have never received a response that addressed any of my questions. It’s either a response that avoids the subject or a response that thank’s me for reaching out.

Sadly, the only way to get their attention is being able to offer them something in return for what you are asking of them. That’s why we have so many lobbyists.