Will Trump's new tariffs on Mexico halt illegal immigration?

Trump is imposing a 5% tariff on all Mexican goods shipped to the U.S. and will continually increase the tariffs if Mexico doesn’t stop illegal immigration through their country.



This is a smart move, but two and half years too late.

And what about the 30+ million already here illegally? Will Trump somehow wiggle his way out of this and not carry it through?

If Trump formulates a plan to deport the 30+ million who are here illegally, then I’ll go back to being a MAGAtard like I was in 2016.

Halting illegal immigration is only phase 1. Mass deportation is phase 2.

I’m not holding my breath.

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I already updated this issue in the the thread “Southern Border Crisis”

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It can’t stop illegal immigration but it can certainly put a halt to the caravans which are overwhelming the border and the funding for increased border security and wall funding.

I’d have liked to see quicker action too but it had to get to a crisis point to get the political will behind the WH in order to act outside of congress.

Secure the border.

Add a thousand or so new immigration judges to expedite hearings.

Add another 10-20,000 ICE agents for interior enforcement.

Mandatory E Verify.

No more ITN’s for anyone that doesn’t have a green card and legal residency.

Cut off all federal funds to sanctuary states and cities.

Catch them one at a time, adjudicate them swiftly and send them home.

Mass Deportations cannot and will not ever take place. Once they are on US soil they have due process rights.

So true ! And the dems and over half of the republicans don’t want to correct the problem , cheap labor and many future votes for the dems a combination that is hard to beat .

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I would like the tariff to start at 30% and go up by 5% each month , a message Mexico will understand !

I would prefer closing the border to all trade.

That would get their attention.

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This is the strategy it seems, every couple of months announce some limp wristed policy that shows that Trump is doing something about the invasion so that when nationalists complain that he isn’t doing anything Trump cultists can say, “oh yeah, what do you call 5% tariffs”, or whatever it may be.


It makes more sense if President Trump invokes the particular Act to tax remittances wired to Mexico by the legal and illegal aliens.

I hope Trump will not back down on rolling tariff due to pressure, such as US Chamber of Commerce and state/regional chamber of commerce centers (biggest cheerleader for illegal alien invasion for cheap labor and amnesty) and Wall Street.

If the rolling tariff stands, it could mean raised food and soda and alcohol beverage prices (some vegetables and fruits grown and harvested in Mexico) that means sticker shock at the grocery stores and at restaurants, cafes and bars.

This is a trade war, alright. But it could cause the economic repercussion, and some affected illegal and pro-invasion “legal resident” and dual citizen Mexicans will be angry within USA to want to attack the White people who wear MAGA red hat and t-shirt or a-shirt, and provocative bumper stickers and vinyl decals on the rear of the cars.

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Until an MS 13 gangbanger forcibly screws Ivanka silly on the White House lawn the invasion will continue to infinity…there I said it, I wish I hadn’t but I did.

He’s limited in what he can do.

Congress writes the law when they aren’t investigating what Trump had for lunch and control the purse strings and they are not about to allow Trump to spend a dime more than they authorize. Thy prefer to have the country over run with uneducated illegals claiming a broken finger nail.

Perhaps if they focused on pelosi, wait I think illegals would self deport before that happens.

A plan begins to take shape.

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Too much too soon would cause an automatic disaster in MX and really hurt US consumers at the same time.

He’s taken the right approach I think starting at 5% and increasing it up to 25-30% by October in 5% increments if MX doesn’t respond appropriately.

An economic collapse in MX would guarantee the biggest surge of MX illegals we’ve ever seen on top of the current problem which is nothing like we’ve ever seen before and is already completely overwhelming the system.

Hell half of the BP agents and a 1/3 of all ICE agents are too busy changing diapers and feeding babies to even attempt either border or interior enforcement operations.

This sends a very serious message to MX, doesn’t create an even bigger problem on this side of the border and will produce billions in revenue that can be used to pay for the wall.

I think he’s right on with this approach.

I think you meant to say Pelosi.

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Please crawl back up Hillary’s ass. I think that’s where you came from.


Trump will start with 5% tariff in June, 10% in August, and 15% in October…

I would like to think it will work. Mexico apparently doesn’t seem to care to take care of their people, so they are sending them here. THAT HAS TO STOP! It has been going on too long.

I think she just likes trolling the bottom of the cesspool.

No, from what I’m hearing by October it hits a top limit of 25%. I think they increase is 5% per month unless MX starts making a serious effort to stop the caravans and mass rushes on the border.

To the pain!


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Nothing worth having ever comes without some pain. If life were pain free we would never enjoy success.

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