Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

This video examines how public schools and the mainstream media have contributed to the growth of a passive citizenry, thus paving the way for the rise of tyranny. It then looks at the role anti-authoritarians play in a free and flourishing society.

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I feel like this subject is not talked about at all or very rarely and no one seems like they even want to admit the the flaws of the public school system or even bother to change it. I think most of us can agree that the public education system is just to indoctrinate people and kill off creativity and rarely teaches any real life skills.

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I just posted a separate thread topic on this very issue today!

It’s not just Pre-K through 12. It’s the entire education system. There are literal retarded people going to college now. I work at one. I mean retarded as in can’t wipe their own ass. Everyone thinks it’s inclusive and wonderful, but I see it as we’re taking advantage of their parent’s money. These are people who will only have low-level jobs, like Burger King.

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Modern day education is a joke.
Multiple choice tests killed education.
Simple regurgitation of useless and outdated info.



I try to stay on top of the crap my grandkids are taught. I try to give them direction. They actually thought ( were taught ) the only slaves were blacks on white owned American plantations. You believe that? I straightend them out toot sweet. Now they have the upper hand. Slow & steady wins the race. Baby steps you know. The grandkids will pass along what I taught them.

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This is the long game of the socialists. They have encouraged the far left to get involved in all aspects of the educational system. Since they’ve been at it for 50 years now they’ve developed quite a foothold. Right now homeschool really is the only option for people. It’s the only way to avoid being programmed like a sheep.

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We need to abolish the Department of Education and push education back down to the local community level. We also need to stop the practice of taking kids from poor neighborhoods and putting them in the schools in the good neighborhoods because that just brings everybody down. Let those poor kids stay in their poor neighborhoods. They just have to try harder to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. It’s the American thing to do.

Dumbing down is going on throughout the western world for the very reasons outlined in the OP - a) to render the masses obedient to authority (childlike?), and b) divert their collective minds away from matters of moment with non-stop sport and other equally inconsequential and non-thought provoking amusements.

That’s been the goal since WWII.

The problem is we keep getting reminded that it’s hard men with guns are the solution to many of the world’s problems and the only way we’ll keep any semblance of freedom in this country.

All good info. Unfortunately homeschooling pretty well requires that only one parent work, a traditional 2 parent family, and dedicated parents willing to sacrifice a lot for their kids.

Private education won’t cut it, because there will be (relatively) so few educated individuals who are able to ‘take on’ authority that they can be easily ignored. Arguably it may well have been going on ‘since WWII’, but it has been intensified exponentially by the national broadcasters (in my case the BBC) in the last decade, mainly by the hyping up of ridiculous ‘space exploration’ fake news, and womens’ sport, the latter having doubled all genres of sport and the events themselves. I often see stadiums that are so heaving with humanity that I wonder how the spectators have time for a life; that’s it really . . . Western populaces have become unthinking spectators. Think ‘Idiocracy’ and ‘Harrison Bergeron’?

Private education works quite well with far better outcomes than PE.

That was my point, it’s a coordinated effort that’s been going on in academia since the war, the broadcasters/papers get their indoctrination from the academicians and have continually passed it along to the rest of us.

They don’t want educated people who can think for themselves, particularly those who can do so logically, they want us to be a bunch of neutered drones that simply regurgitate what they teach.

Hell in this country we’re failing to even teach the basics of core education correctly, reading, writing, and arithmetic. As a result we have HS graduates that can’t balance a checkbook, compute how many hours and gallons of gas will be require for a thousand mile drive, or even understand basic scientific principles.

I was talking about the numbers, not the quality of private education.

If our PE system were modeled on the private system the numbers would work out fine.

The problem is that the unions in this country, decidedly left wing, have control of the curriculum and the schools in general.

We need to go back to a system where once kids finish 8th grade they need to be divided into those who can handle college work and the rest have a trade centered HS curriculum.

To elucidate - for every 1 privately or home-school-educated individual, there be a notional 500 who were er, ‘educated’ in the public sector?

For some reason I didn’t get a notification when you posted that one?

Wouldn’t matter if the public system were modeled on the private system.

It happens…