Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

But we’re talking about the fact that it isn’t modeled on the private system? The private system is sound education, the public one is dumbed-down education - isn’t that what we’re talking about here?

No, I’m talking about how to remedy that problem.

I can completely relate to the coercion aspect that was brought up in this clip. As someone who taught at the high school level much of the job was classroom management and preventing cheating. I always felt like I did very little actual teaching. The fact is that high school really hasn’t changed in the past 50 years other than the use of computers. It’s very cookie cutter in that all students are required to take many of the same subjects with total disregard for their interests and or abilities. So what does that do? Put people in classes they don’t want to be in, which creates discipline problems and desire to cheat. It is an utterly moronic system.

I’ve made this point before that much of the coursework that students take in high school and college is a complete waste of time and money, that adds nothing to one’s usefulness in society or in their occupations.

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Let’s get rid of No Child Left Behind!

Public education could work quite well if there was anything close to resembling discipline without the the threat of parents suing the school. Actually using school tax dollars to buy school supplies rather than the teachers or parents. Get rid of the bloated school Administrations and combine school districts.

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Public education doesn’t work because it doesn’t focus on the interests and the abilities of the students. Instead we have this 5 decades old cookie cutter approach mandating that all students have to take x, y, and z class in order to get a piece of paper (a diploma). Also public education should be about looking at the needs of the various businesses in the communities, the state, and the country and exposing students to those businesses.

When you have the DOE controlling the money , schools bow down to the government. Instead of educating students they are taught to pass tests. Is it surprising students know little about how our government works and are indoctrinated by Socialist Liberal educators.
More local control of education MAY help.