Why I Voted Trump: A Coming Out Story

This is really a great read and I highly recommend you read a long life democrat’s perspective on why they are now voting for Trump. She makes some poignant remarks about the left’s intolerance, hatred, bigotry, vicious violence and their fascist attitudes that has her turned away from their cause. I found this article to be a remarkable story that gave insight to the left’s affect on people and how it is turned against them.


There are tons of similar videos here:

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This isn’t a video, this was an OPED written by a staunch Progressive. Much more insightful in terms of what views she supported, and the actions of the left and their intolerance towards her impacted her decision to vote for Trump.

I know that. I am just saying that my link has tons of videos with similar testimonies for those who like such testimonies.

Did you actually read the article in its entirety?

Why are you attempting to strike an argument with me?

I am not. But the fact you were reposting things that I already posted in the Presidential debate thread suggests to me that you don’t bother reading before you post things here. The entire point in why I post an article is to foster conversations about the subject matter that is in the OPED, that is the whole point of a forum is suppose to be about. Having discussions about the topic.

Yes they call us the Fascists when it’s the Left who are the Fascists and the MSM are Fascist for supporting them.

That is what she illustrates in the article by contrasting her experiences with conservatives as opposed to her liberal friends who attacked her for wanting to understand Trump supporters perspectives. I laud her efforts for doing so, she not only showed courage but she did it the right way, the American way. Even if she said she wasn’t going to vote for Trump, I would still respect the person for putting in the effort.

In case you didn’t know it, he thinks he is so important that everybody should read what he posts.

A big credit loss for Trump supporters.

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Hence the problem we face and sometimes are guilty of, listening and understanding others.

I frequently talk with people that are from the left. They may or not let you speak however cannot seem to grasp the discussion points you bring tha differ from their mantra.

Well in this instance, it was an honest assessment from a known Progressive whose mind was changed when hanging out and talking with conservatives. If more did what the writer of the OPED did then I am sure we’d be seeing a different climate than the one we are seeing today.

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Meet your match: Biden’s daughter

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@Patriot @Tyfoon

The comment referenced the people she attempted to talk to and converse about the current political situation.

It also applies to the people who drop by from time to time. The stop by comment, start a topic and run like hell responding to nothing.

Agree. In a way, this place and the posts we see from the usual suspects is a microcosm of what the true nature of the left is.

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Sometimes I don’t. That’s right. And?

In this case I posted a link to more similar stories. I don’t see why you made a stink about that.

Speaking of which:

The Rally That Changed My Mind

Psychologist and author Karlyn Borysenko wouldn’t be caught dead at a Trump rally. So what was she doing in a New Hampshire arena, surrounded by 11,000 cheering Trump supporters? And what did she take away from the experience? She explains what happened when perception met reality in this eye-opening video.

I made a stink about it because I posted the Article for people to read then as a result to share their views and to have a discussion about it. That is the entire point on why I created the thread in the first place. You, didn’t bother doing that, and I was asking why but you decided to get defensive about it.

Sorry, skipped that part. Let’s move on, shall we?