Why Doesn't The Entire Civilized World Rally Against North Korea?

Yes, because spreading democracy through warfare has worked out for us so well over the past 20 to 30 years.

That’s one possibility, but the fact remains he had a sudden about-face on nuke.

That’s correct. Africa is hopeless.

Somebody laughed all the way to the bank, for sure.
It’s like death penalty abolitionists claiming “All opponents to us should be executed.”

There’s been NO about face.

Again, Trump recently blamed Bolton for his failure to produce an agreement that halts NK’s proliferation.

So let’s nuke 26 million people and put them out of their misery…

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Remember Bolton shot off his month, right at the wrong moment, glorifying the Libyan campaign as the way to do things with NKorea. Right there was when Bolton was scolded. Gadhafi was literally torn from limb to limb. Trump want to convert Kim’s mind.

Lol, Trumps not converting shit. The North Korean missile/nuclear program marches forward…

Did you bother to read the link in the post you quoted???

Trumps already budged Kim more than anyone else. The fake “Democrats” trying to block anything Trump does is the biggest obstacle.

I will bet you Trump does convert Kim… Give it time.

NK will NOT surrender their nuclear program…
KJU already played Trump for a fool.

And, this is what you HOPE happens. Try prayer.

Thought are prayers. Prayers matter.

US never attacks a country with nuke. That’s a given.

Nonetheless, NK stopped shooting missiles into the Pacific and that may be a progress.
But given NK’s position, where do they test their long-range missiles? Shoot them into Siberia (with Russia’s permission)?

The sneakiest way to have nuke is the way Israel does it.
Say neither yes nor no, so that you won’t have to sign any treaties while you arm your submarines with nuke on the sly.

Now you’re talking. :+1: You come across to me as a very intelligent guy, Jim - don’t tell me you believe everything you read in the western press? But I’ll retract that question if you tell me you’ve spent time in NK and have seen the deprivations with your own eyes.

Yeah, prayers solved it for a child who was being raped by a paedophile because ‘god’ struck the abuser dead?

And it works like a charm - what would-be criminal is stupid enough to risk being caught and then spend a few years in a NK hell-hole prison? I mean let’s face it - none of us is forced to become a crim, it’s a life-style choice.

Is that an original sarcastic thought?

Thought is Prayer, good prayer or bad prayer.

Cause and Effect. Fathoming the depths of karma requires faith and prayer. This world is to expiate karma from the past. With faith one can lighten their accumulated karma.

You have this life to figure that out.

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Most of the world simply doesn’t care.

Stop with the waffling - there is no god.

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Cause and Effect is the Law call it what you want.

Every thought, word and action is cause and effect.

Reality is the creation

I have no problem with that - how could I possibly deny the theorum of cause and effect; my comments are aimed at your misplaced confidence that praying will ever resolve anything.

Then wake up to what cause and effect really is.

It’s not a “theorem” it’s the “Supreme Law” from time without beginning. The very fabric of your life. Call it God, Christ or Buddha and realize every cause you make with body mouth and mind is inscribed in your life and is carried out inevitably, each moment. Slander it and you get the effect.

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I don’t think this exchange is going anywhere, do you? I suggest we drop it?