Why do people continue to enforce sexism and racism?

I am a firm believer that the reason these are still an issue in today’s society is because we have a ton of people who feel like they have to make other’s pay for their own self-hate. These large groups get together and protest and spit all over other people. My sister got jumped and beat up, made fun of, her items got vandalized… all because she told the wrong person she was a Christian. Does anyone care? NOPE! Because it wasn’t racist or sexist. I love America but people are ruining it.


It the socialist the only way they can take over is to outlaw guns and religion and destroy the family unit.

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I’m sorry for what happened to your sister. Intolerance in America is increasing no matter what the subject is. For her ,it was like the Christians being beaten and or executed by the Romans soldiers etc.I hope she is feeling better.

What happened to your sister is terrible and should not be tolerated in America. We need to stand up to people like those that attacked your sister because she is a CHRISTIAN! I will pray for her and your family.


We are sliding towards COMMUNISM with this type of suppression.

There’s always been fearmongering about communism. Is the government sponsoring such “suppression”. Are we sliding towards communism because people on the right are “suppressing” gays and lesbians???

No, but the EXTREMISTS in the gay community and their supporters are trying to SUPPRESS everyone else.

It seems to me that there’s loud voices on both fringes seeking to suppress everybody else is the point.

Extremism breeds more extremism in return. It’s a viscous circle.

The White Nationalism/White Supremacist organizations were dying prior to Charlottsville.

There are a hell of a lot of people who prior to that had no such feelings but after being constantly labeled as such have been persuaded to join those movements.

I predicted on another forum in 2007 that if Obama won he’d take us back five decades in race relations by the time he was out of office and sadly I was right.

Now the whole of the leftist grievance SJW crowd feels completely empowered largely due to his efforts and it’s going to get damned ugly before it’s over.

And as you pointed out elsewhere Trump has taken America back decades in race relations and reawakened white supremacy in America.

That had been done before he even declared he was running.

“Hands up don’t shoot”. “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”.

Accusing cops of randomly murdering black men.

“The Cops acted stupidly”.

The damage was done long before 2015.

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Well that’s a nice sentiment, but doesn’t seem to have helped her…

How would you know? Prayer has a measurable effect on healing.

God doesn’t promise us a life free of pain, nor do believers expect it.

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Let talk about the Squad and all the anti-Semitic remarks that seem to be ok with the ever critical demoRATS .

You are talking to an atheist cuck who reverses their angst towards believers in order to mask their self hatred! It’s pointless!

Well some of us have God in our lives ! SMH

“Bitter Hateful and Angry table for One”.

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Of course that’s a lie. We have avowed DEMOCRATIC socialists.

Monte, I haven’t said that.The Liberals started with Trayvon Martin and Ferguson Missouri. These two didn’t sing in the church choir.
BLM and White Supremacist groups each have done their share to stoke the fires of racism and hate.
We can’t have statues of Confederate Generals without it seen as racist.

The left are hypocrites, always have been always will be
they talk about racism but allow Woodrow wilson and FDR statues up

They talk about Trump is a racist and klan supporter when the Democrats had a Klan Grand wizard poohab guy in Robert Byrd

The left talks about how immoral Trump is, but JFK, Bubba Clinton as Presidents fooled around on their wives.

Civil Rights leader MLK jr was also an adultery but fighting for rights for blacks made up for it right?

Bill Clinton signed the most harshest immigration laws to kick out and prevent illegal entry, Trump is doing the same thing but he is a racist bigoted bastard

Right wingers fight for individualism , leftist fight for power and accuses everyone of being sexist and racists, look in the mirror lefties, its YOU who advocates racism and sexism not us right wingers