Why Aren't Millennial Women Having Children?

Why don’t millennial women want get married, have children, and start a family? I just don’t get it. They’d rather fight SJW battles, go on slut walks, and engage in polygamous relations. It’s garbage.


Globalists, aka the wealthiest 0.5% of the planet, collectively believe that the planet needs population growth control. The globalists have attacked population growth on numerous fronts. The globalists put LGBT into the forefront of the public consciousness. The globalists have artificially created a decade-long wage stagnation. The globalists use fear tactics to implement control of urban sprawl, fear tactics that allow govts to impose regulation and taxation on housing and development. The globalists have spread fear of peak resources, scaring people into believing the world is running out of food, water, oil, clean air, and trees. The globalists promote feminism and champion women who develop their careers rather than women who raise a family. The globalists promote the emasculation of men by tempting them with video games and internet to distract them from embracing manhood and husbanding a wife and fathering a child until much later in life when perhaps there is time for only the birth of one child.

This crop of globalists are a new formation and they are comprised of mostly extreme far left cultural marxists. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Michael Bloomberg, Paul Allen, and many others. And the Millennial Generation is the first generation that the globalists have been able to brainwash. Common Core is the globalists attempt to socially engineer a marxist planet with the globalists and their families permanently enshrined at the top of the pyramid.


Millennial women aren’t having children because social approval of gay and lesbian behavior is on the rise. Young women think it’s trendy to be in relationships with other women and society says it’s ok. It makes me completely sick.



Raising kids is not desirable. You ruin your body, you don’t have good sleep for 20 years, they ruin everything you own, they are expensive. You could have a supercar if you save the money most people spend raising a family. It is hard, crappy, and there is no payout.

We should bring back orphanages. Except fund them decently, provide a healthy environment and quality education. If they are in the top few percentiles give them free college otherwise train them in trades. With proper funding and oversight orphanages could raise very healthy people, way better than the cluster that is the foster system. They don’t even have to be run by government or religious institutions ready to indoctrinate children. With the proper legal regime in place you could create your own as a charity and raise them into perfect citizens for the future republic.

It would solve population issues without resorting to destructive levels of immigration. But it provides an alternative to asking people to sacrifice by raising a family. Something few first world people want to do.


When you see a real bull lesbian, it jumps out at you. These two are just following the zionist mainstream media trends designed to push white Christian birth rates down even more. No white Christian kids = the breakdown of American society and the completion of Saul Alinsky’s vision.

I have three children and it didn’t ruin my body. What the hell do you have to worry about? Raising children is why you were put on this earth.


Millennial woman DO want to start a family. They just can’t find a male stupid enough to fall for the trap, either because millennial males are too beta or too alpha (though too many betas in skinny jeans is likely the issue).

Then they become angry feminists on a biological timer, counting down the days until their uterus becomes a barren wasteland.

Nevermind all of the fat hamplanets, and ugly tumblrinas and other undesirables, who become feminist from the get-go because they know they can’t get dick even if they paid for it.


Millennial women aren’t having children because men are finally starting to wise up. I’m in my 30s, have a good job, a great condo, veteran’s benefits, and a solid 401k. I use Tinder when I need to get laid. If there is nothing remotely decent on Tinder I’ll just visit my local Asian massage parlor or go on Eros for a 10/10 high-end escort. I have no plans on getting married and hope I can live long enough for the creation of female sex robots. I’m not even joking. I’m not going to give all of my money away to some woman who will restrict my freedom.


This entire thread is disgusting and disturbing. I’m also concerned about my fellow women posting here.

Collectively, you guys scream about feminism, the end of the family, interracial relationships, promiscuous women, the price of having children today, divorce, the weakening of the man, etc…the you have the audacity to wonder why modern men are running away from marriage and why modern women aren’t having children! WAKE UP!

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This is spot on and it’s also because you will never ever be good enough for the modern woman.

You will never love the modern woman as much as she loves herself.


If you are lucky enough to hold her limited attention span for than 5 minutes then just remember that you’re only temporary in her eyes. You’re good enough until something better comes along.

If you’re just her friend, then you’re a backup who she’ll occasionally lean on, but will be completely cut off once you’re no longer needed.

By all means, F them, mess around with them, but just remember that your odds of meeting a girl that’s worth it are slim to none.

All modern men should enjoy their 20’s to the maximum, and shouldn’t worry about women at all. The globalist brainwashing is too strong. Once you’re 30, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the roles reverse. 30-35 tends to be the transition period of when a woman will realise that she isn’t gods gift to earth, and her time is running out. The brainwashing subsides and the biological clock kicks in, but by then it’s too late.

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I’m not as extreme as most of you guys here. For me, it’s just about economics. Having a family is unfortunately just way, way too expensive.

I have hardly any time left in the day, after work, to make myself dinner. Furthermore I have hardly any money left after paying rent, bills, student loans and groceries. With my girlfriend also working full time we would have nobody to raise our children at home anyway. I could never afford a house, I can not even afford a reliable car, I can not bring kids into a situation like this it’s just not possible.

I really feel like I have been robbed of the opportunity to have a family of my own, I would need to apply for welfare to have even a single child. There was a time when anyone could make a very comfortable living working 40 hours a week in a factory or on a farm, but those days are long gone.

I guess this is more about children than marriage, but marriage without children is entirely pointless so I lump them together.


Here’s the problem with women nowadays, they AREN’T WORTH MARRYING. There’s two things they could bring to the table:

First type would be to actually having a career of their own, having gotten a proper education, found a job they like, started amassing money and possibly property. To be educated, intelligent and goal driven. Anyone working with women knows, this type is almost non existent and if they do tends to have some serious issues that make them non relationship material.

Second type is far easier to achieve. Don’t be a slut. That’s pretty much it. Don’t be a slut. They could easily improve upon this by being at least slightly traditional, wanting a family and so on. This type is pretty much entirely extinct also or a 30+ ex slut that is now trying to redeem herself and nail down some idiot trying to keep the act up as long as she can, because this IS an act and she’ll be back to her slut days quite soon. Hell most women around here can’t even cook spaghetti anymore, I’m a better cook than almost all women I know except for the 70+ crowd.

There’s the two types of women worth marrying, but women nowadays are neither. Sure I’ll sample the goods, I’ll give it a test drive, I might even keep it for a few weeks before returning it to the store and getting my money back but I sure as hell WONT BUY it. Because it’s a used up product nobody else wanted. Why would I at the end of it’s life suddenly take it and then have it drag me down and make me miserable for decades to come? Especially when there’s an overabundance of similar merchandise and often times better merchandise one can easily give a try as well and not buy either!

@Jeff you sound like a real charmer. Women are clearly the problem and are all to blame. Please avoid every single woman on the face of the earth at all costs for as long as you live.


While his depiction is crass I have to say after traveling a lot around the world, American women are different… That’s not to necessarily stay bad but certainly different. Women I know, even from Europe, that have worked with American women see them as very self assured but that comes across as cocky to the point of arrogance. Women in other parts of the world, which is the vast majority of women in the world, who understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that survival is the key word in their life, American women want things that others understand to be a choice… like career or motherhood. Both are fully fledged career paths and not something easily divided. Where American women readily justify letting a stranger raise her children, so she can ‘live’ her life… most women in the world wouldn’t consider it and their societies work to support that tradition (American women would call it paternalism or patriarchy)… families are really quite important almost everywhere else except the west…

Lots of American men who seek a traditional family will marry a woman from another country… American women will call those women pathetic and they will call American women self centered. Just my observation.


White women are the ones that betrayed us. They’re the ones that sold our safety and our futures for a caramel frappuccino latte. They can’t even REPRODUCE now and are refusing to have white babies and are demanding a 6’2" douche as the bare minimum for a relationship. They have sold out their race for frappuccinos and orange is the new black. Almost every white woman has screwed minorities and has like 2 white kids tops if any, so they can screw douchebags and watch netflix until the age of 35. How can you justify this?

These women weren’t happy with a loyal husband, a safe neighborhood, a good economy. No. That was too boring. They needed to bring in minorities in droves and support them. They needed to vote in liberals and export our blue collar jobs to third worlders. They needed to institute ‘you need to be this tall alpha and handsome to screw me’ and never reproduce and have white babies.

This all goes back to giving white women rights. Every other race of women besides asians (who mimick whites) stick by their men, act in their racial interests. Black, ■■■■■■■ and arab women all stick by their men and advance their cause. Only WHITE women have been such shameless turncoats that have thrown their race and society, thousands of years of white bloodlines and tradition, dating back to ancient greece and the ancient white tribes of europe, under the bus for facebook likes and frappuccinos.

White women have a pathological instinct for self-destruction and self-flagellation. As whites are being destroyed more and more they are flocking to everyone else and turning on us. They have no loyalty. The problem isn’t even ■■■■ or blacks or muslims. Most white men behind closed doors feel a visceral desire to protect their race, reproduce, and don’t want multiculturalism. Even despite the programming we have now.

Stop making excuses for them and look at the problem for what it is.

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Well excuse me for not getting knocked up at 16 and staying home to make sandwiches for an uneducated fat slob of a husband who drinks too much - because that’s generally what happens to white women who have children early based upon my personal experience. With your attitude I can see why you probably don’t have much luck with the ladies.


There it is. There is the racism. I’ll have you know that black women have the highest rates of entitlement and it has even been said that they have the highest rates of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

You shame white people and then wonder why “white women are turning on their race”? The answer is in the nature of your post. It is popular to be against white people, especially with the concept of “white privilege,” and the privilege hierarchy.

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Clutch your pearls harder. Race realism hits ya right in the feels. Deal with it.

Agreed - but then I generally don’t view them as equal to any bipeds (except in very rare instances). By and large they are aggressive and overly entitled.

LOL! You blame my post for white women burning the coal? It’s only been pushed by the (((media))) for the past 20 years and been put into overdrive that all white women must fuck blacks and browns…and that all white men are evil. Yeah - my acknowledgement of this is the problem. :ok_hand:

My acknowledgement that any woman who burns the coal is effectively tainted - permanently must also be a problem. I’m noticing a trend that my pointing out of poor life choices is the problem lol

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I have both of those (working on a stable, well-paying career and don’t sleep around), and I am still not worth marrying. I have some severe mental illnesses, which include a fear of intimacy and low self-esteem.

I’m not just “not a slut;” I avoid sex altogether. I’m a prude. For multiple reasons: I’m heteroromantic graysexual and only think about it like, once a month if that. I am Catholic and will adhere to the practice of not having sex before having a stable marriage and finances.

Most men just want sex, sex, sex. I’m afraid I’ll become simply a sex toy to him. That is my greatest fear: “Ha! I got in her pants. Now I’m going to throw her away like the trash she really is.” I will not give away my virginity to someone who might turn abusive or leave me. And usually waiting allows me to weed out the guys who are, how shall I say, “hot to trot.”


Yes, but you perpetuate it.

Aren’t you going to further attack me? I mean, you even did the liberty of chopping up my posts into separate pieces and rebutting each one, punctuated by the “okay” emoji to give a sassy effect. I mean, come on, if you’re going to go through all that effort, at least try to debate. I’m all fired up now and you just leave. :confused: