Why Are Most Women Prescribed Mental Health Drugs?

Then why is it is you Brits who have the bad teeth?

I was in Britain once for a month. The only good meal I had there was in a pub in Woodstock that specialized in potatoes and trout. English quisine is an oxymoron. :smile:


Too much sugar and acidic water.

The one thing I always dreaded when I got orders to go TDY with a British unit was the food.

This is true all day every day^^^^^

So is that picture a man dressed up as a woman???

I know people that order in American toothpaste because you have chemicals in it that keeps your teeth whiter these chemicals are not allowed in consumer products in the UK also we drink lots of tea which is terrible for our teeth

If she didn’t have those bolt-ons she wouldn’t need mental health aids. They are too much
and chase us purists away.

Same reason why we don’t have the inflated tits.

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What does that mean (you should have read this in Justin bieber’s voice)

That’s a rather bizarre association. :thinking:

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Since when do we not have inflated tits, or bolt-ons which is the correct description.

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Possibly men think that they are above treatment and won’t get help. It is a macho thing.

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First off, most aren’t on mental health drugs. Second, in the words of my wife (and stolen from The Big Bang Theory) “Bitches be crazy”. :smiley:

Honestly, we prescribe WAY too much medication in this country, mental health drugs included. It’s our society. Instead of putting forward the hard work of fixing stuff, people want a damn pill. Guess what… reality often sucks but it sucks a lot less when you figure out how to deal with it.

It is really kind of an odd OP.

I suppose to men, women are crazy. After all, it takes us 100 words to communicate what men communicate with 10 words. :wink:

We are just built different and think differently than men as it was meant to be and should be.

One of the best books I’ve read that explains the differences is “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” by John Grey. An amusing and entertaining read but pretty dead on.

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Too true. My wife says if we were the same, we would be redundant. She can deal with the kids on an emotional level that I can’t reach but I can reach them on a discipline level that she can’t touch. Men and women are definitely different and regardless of what the feminist shrills want us to believe, that’s ok. It’s actually preferable and really NECESSARY!

Personally? I find it preferable as well.

I cannot stand the feminist shills.

It is really difficult to go against your nature. For a woman that is to take care of children. Sorry, but that just is.

When society tells you to go forth, abandon your children in a day care so you can earn a net of $100.00 life really sucks. Because the guilt will tear you (as a mother) apart.

I think feminism is the worst damn thing to happen to our society. And our children have paid the price.

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There’s quite a few women out there that believe the same. Women are just better at taking care of children. I’m a firm believer in the right for a woman to choose. My wife did a lot of college and was there constantly for the kids and now that they’re older, she’s working a regular job. There are sacrifices that women make but honestly, they pale in comparison to the sacrifice of letting someone else raise your kids.

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That’s awesome, good luck with that…:+1:

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Most are. Especially if they are supported and valued in that role.

As am I. However, I think the right to choose for yourself personally takes a second chair to when you have children. They come first.

That concept should change to being an honor rather than a sacrifice :wink:

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