Who would win a 2nd Civil War in America?

Awe, look who is trying to call the kettle black? Hypocrisy much?

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The one point you make is being fit! That probably is what will separate the winners and losers not to mention having mental preparedness and knowing how to live off the land, but I like your take on it, it’s pretty accurate and to the point!

I watched the vid twice now since starting the thread. My main contentions so far :

  1. He doesn’t factor race in, AKA they will just start shooting White people and justify it by saying they are killing Nazis. He didn’t consider how race conflict will play out over left vs right

  2. He assumes the left has no guns, which true in general, doesn’t account for Antifa. I don’t think Antifa are real fighters, but still, worth keeping in mind

  3. He assumes around 27% would be willing to be combatants in the civil war based on polls and that when the right realizes it can’t win elections anymore will start the whole thing. My issue is, what if it doesn’t happen ? What if the right just keep taking it like sheep, like it happened in South Africa ? Also, would 27% really be active combatants ? That being said, he is right that the US military and police are nowhere near the capacity to deal with even say 3% of people fighting without significant strain. If 10% is enough to win a revolution, then it is not outside the realm of possibility, but again, no guarantees, just guesses.

Some other minor ones, but in general, pretty decent analysis. Nice effort.

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This woman knows all about reality she can out run a 6-ft 4 man that’s attacking her by surprise whilst she’s wearing high heels she knows kung fu to the level that she can beat a man up after that she will hold them in and joint manipulation lock and wait for the police to show up so if she says a group of rednecks cannot beat the US army she’s right

Basically for anyone reading this the woman is a troll that’s looking for a reaction from people her go to is saying how tough she is and saying anti-american things normally something about the second amendment

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There was no doubt she was trolling and now she is trying to play it off because she was called out on it!

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Based on other John Mark videos I have watched, I’ve concluded that he is a Fed shill.

I’ll watch this video, but I expect it will be either misinformation, or low-key agitation to violence.

One immediate thing I’ve gathered from the thread: Mark is claiming that the Right will have an advantage in small arms, as our community tends to own guns, and the left doesn’t. This is true as far as it goes, but the fact is, large weapons dumps have been put into place to arm the Left when the time comes.

The CHIEF problem with the civil war fantasy.

Interesting topic but there is no way a civilian instigated revolution would ever get very far, they would be crushed by the full force of the Federal government using the military.

Any state that tried to secede would meet the same fate unless several contiguous states and a number of coastal states seceded as a group, even then the odds are they would be annihilated.

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Small arms fire is one of the greatest threats to helicopters. True… not from 10 km away. But still…

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I don’t think military personnel, young kids for the most part, would start gunning down Americans…because they were ordered to.

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There are at least two types of civil wars:

  1. A group tries to take over the entire country.
  2. A group wants to secede, not wanting anything to do with the central (or federal) government.

The American Civil War is also called the War of Secession for a reason.

Some recent events.
Kosovo became independent because the NATO countries wanted to piss off Orthodox Christian countries like Serbia and Russia. (Now Kosovo Albanians are leaving the country en masse because nobody really cared about them)

Crimea seceded from Ukraine and joined Russia, because the vast majority there, who are Russians, saw what NATO countries did in Kiev and Donbas (Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine).

Will there be a second civil war in America?
Probably not.
California may secede and the rest of the country will be glad to get rid of it.

That’s already happened before.

I think things will change drastically when normie republicans realize they can’t win elections anymore.

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