Who would win a 2nd Civil War in America?

John Mark released this earlier today. I have not watched it yet. Just going to post it here. I am curious what it has to say.

Warning - Loud sound in the beginning of video

He is a popularizer of Propertarianism, a relatively recent ideology of Curt Doolittle which is supposedly an improvement over traditional Libertrarianism, best on the best historical practices of Western Civilization.

Propertarianism per se doesn’t advocate Civil War or violence or predict it will happen, but John and the leader of Propertarianism, Curt Doolittle believes a Civil War in America is basically inevitable, so they are making predictions.

They are not endorsing violence. Everyone here please make sure to not fedpost, no calls for violence, nothing illegal, just discussion.


I’ll give the vid a watch. I personally believe civil war is inevitable, righteous, and for the best.


I predict America will break apart.


I’m a subscriber. Watched it an hour or so after it was release. I fully expect John Mark to get banned from YouTube after this so smart thinking on posting the vid here.

Ultimately, this is a good vid. Basically civil war starts when the grassroots right decides its time and that time will arrive once we cant win another major election again which is very soon. He claims Trump is the last republican president America will ever have due to the fact that America is being drowned by muds who vote 70% dem.

He also goes into other factors such as infrastructure and how easy it is to destroy it which will greatly hurt leftist cities. The right is also heavily armed and trained due to so many vets and military being in our ranks. He also predicts that the police will be powerless to quell the beginning of war and that the govt, in their own scenarios, predicts 30% of the population will be active in the war (only 10% were involved in the Revolutionary War). The red states are also much better positioned to handle war then blue states are due to logistics and their ability to self-sustain with natural resources and whatnot.

It’s worth a watch. It’s pretty fast paced despite the length.


As of right now, I do not believe there will be a civil war, but I am open to the idea that their may be one in the future.

What I want to ask people that believe in a civil war, who is going to fight it? Would it be us against the US military? Sure we have a lot of guns, but they could just press a button and drone strike us into oblivion. Do you think the military will go against the government? Like a military coup like with Pinochet in Chile? These are not rhetorical questions I am genuinely curious.

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Sounds like shitting in your own nest, treasonous, and anti American. But of no surprise whatsoever.

Clearly they’re romantics that haven’t thought things through.

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Sounds like you didn’t watch the video and don’t have the appropriate context. Since that is the case your opinion is irrelevant.


Lmao, the op didn’t watch the video…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No, and I won’t be watching it as civil war is treasonous.

It won’t be a drone strike involving explosives, more like a released pathogen that is highly contagious having the same effect that small pox had on Native populations when Europeans arrived to the Americas

So having guns aren’t that useful then? I did wonder how a bunch of rednecks waving their guns around would fare against Apaches shooting from ten miles away.

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And if that happened then America would become a military dictatorship. There’s no good that comes from this, and our first and only civil war was fought when military arms were not much different than those available to civilians. As already pointed out, those days are long gone…

Bullet Number 4 in the Red Team Analyst findings makes the opposite point. More useless commenting without watching the video in the OP.

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Great summary, thank you. It makes me interested to watch it.

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Not commenting, questioning. :wink:

She was trolling to see if she could get a reaction by using such incendiary terms! Typical liberal!

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And you are paranoid. Typical redneck.

Nope! It’s what you do! Red neck huh! Couldn’t think of something more original? Gotcha!

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“Gotcha?” Is this a game? No, redneck isn’t original. I don’t have the practice in name calling like you do.

Interesting video: A couple of bones to pick however: I don’t think anywhere near 30% of the populace would be willing to actively engage in a revolution. Even if they were willing, would they be able? Too fat, too old, etc. I think 1-2% of the population is a much more likely estimate, and probably an overestimate tbh. He also just assumes that the left doesn’t have guns, without offering any hard data. Sure, the average Starbucks-swilling Seattle soyboy liberal might not have any guns, but the hardcore Antifa types do, the hispanics do, and blacks do as well. I imagine there are a lot more left-wing gun owners post-Trump and post-Charlottesville.

He also dismisses the likelihood of the military using it’s technological advantage (drone swarms, secret weapons, and even nukes). Partially on the grounds that international opinion would be against it. Providing they even knew about it, the international community wouldn’t give a fuck, and they would probably condone it. And I think they have enough zogbots willing and able to do whatever is necessary to keep the current order.

I like how he set the “Alt-Right” up as part of the grassroots right though; a part of the “good guys” in his scenario. That’s encouraging.