Who Would Kamala Harris Pick For Her VP? (Guesses)

When Kameltoe takes over, which can be anytime from today, let’s face it Joey Bidet is getting worse by the hour, he’s probably not going to last another 4-6 months.

So who do you think Kameltoe will pick as her VP, or should I say who will be picked as VP for her, this is because Kameltoe won’t be in charge either, she has the SAME Controllers as Joey Bidet.

I don’t think it will be Hillary that’s for sure, for one thing it’s too obvious, for another thing she’s too old.

Whoever They pick for Kameltoe, we can be sure it’ll be someone TERRIBLE for the majority of Americans, someone who HATES America, HATES The West and HATES the majority of Americans.

As they are now openly MOCKING ANYTHING NORMAL, I would NOT be surprised if They pick that Trannie Richard Levine who’s supposed to be the Health Secretary, we are ALREADY a laughing stock across the world thanks to having a Senile Dementia Puppet in the WH, so why not go the whole hog and have the Trannie Richard Levine as Kameltoe’s VP:

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Black guy from Atlanta


A black female from the far left who preaches racism endlessly !

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Well as Kameltoe is not exactly Black, I mean she was brought up more Bombay Indian, I suppose they might pick a full on Black for her VP.

Though who knows everything is so crazy they might pick AOC for her VP.

Very possible, could be that racist Stacey Abrams from Georgia, she’s a REAL EXTREMIST, she’s the type that would literally DEMAND Concentration Camps for ALL Whites INCLUDING Left-Wing Whites, such is the depth of her racism and extremism:

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You guy’s don’t have full on blacks don’t get fooled into dividing people by race

Exactly How ‘Black’ Is Black America? (theroot.com)

Be careful guys

Well blacks need to clean up their neighborhood cause this shiat is getting ridiculous… I don’t get how they keep Democrats in office … it’s offensive


How about Mad Max Watters. She should be black and Leftist enough ro qualify.

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Philadelphia today! America is addicted to drugs! Period!

What’s that have to do with my post… Americans struggling is caused by today’s immigration

Yeah? Apparently you are out of touch and have no clue! Not surprising for someone who can’t be honest with themselves! That is the typical American!

Philadelphia is a great city, but like all of them it has the same problems. Drugs, Liberal Dem Mauors and DA , ridiculously CORRUPT city government and TOO powerful unions controlling the election process and Leftist Press.

She also may pick Rev Al Charlatan a real BLACK enough BLACK.The possibilities are endless and could include Louis Farrakc%$n.

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Looking Like A Zombie Town: Take A Look At The Dirty Steets Of Kesington! | Video (worldstar.com)

Great city

What am I not honest about? Typical Americans aren’t honest? Why do you hate America?

She fits the bill . :poop: :clown_face: :poop: :clown_face:

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Never-mind its obvious you are a waste of time as you are clueless about what is a nuanced conversation.

Yeah? What is so great about it? Or are you being facetious?

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I was joking it looks like a real shithole

I thought so, just making sure. Lol! :dizzy_face:

Dude, is Kensington riddled with drugs? What kind of drugs? Like Fentynal?