Who killed JR tread?

This country cannot get back on the right foot until we uncover the reason the government killed a president. Jitss.

…or the reason the government installed a mental midget as POTUS.

If they can kill a president, they can install the president they want.


That’s what the western media and woke school education do the best.

University education at institutions such as Harvard and other “liberal” institutions isn’t any better when it comes to social sciences.



We are not allowed to criticize them.


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Same cloth.

Why don’t we demand this information get released?

Because it will be antisemitic.

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The original, ignore the rest.

I wonder if RFK got in would he release the files??

He probably won’t, he’s controlled

Idk we will have to find out.

Yes, Oswald died of LEAD POISONING.

Are you sure? We’re you there?

Maybe it was a silver bullet.
There’s an apparition of sorts in the forests of the US and Canada, called wendigo, and they have antlers. You need silver bullets to kill them. Otherwise they won’t die, because they are just skeletons with rotten flesh.

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Only way we find out is if trump is president.