Who killed JR tread?

Naively, JFK made enemies of the CIA, FBI and Freemasons and thought he would get away with it.

But more dangerously, he demanded that Israel get rid of its nukes.

Mordechai Vanunu is a Moroccan-born Israeli who worked at the Israeli nuke plant and blew a whistle that Israel was making nuke bombs.

Americans should be asking the question:
Which country controls which?

Does America control Israel, or does Israel control America?

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When you realize that most historical writing is actually current politics - all the shifts in opinion make sense. Eisenhower considered Robert E. Lee one of the greatest Americans, had his portrait in Oval Office. Now he’s no good. ‘History’ is mostly about the here and now.

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It’s the same crowd behind the JFK assassination as those behind the current crises in Ukraine and Serbia.

These Duran guys never said it, but the connection is obvious.

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Makes me wonder what would’ve happened with the CIA planted pipe bombs in the 2020 election, if trump won…

I hope tucker has good security, you can tell he was scared

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We know who killed JFK, but saying it will be antisemitic.

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Umm why are you duplicating my post? Lol

My bad! I didn’t see it!

JFK insisted on an inspection of Dimona, Israel’s nuclear site.

The Zionist neocons (who didn’t call themselves that in those days) didn’t like that.

Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician who worked at the site, said Israel was making nuke bombs.

So it’s either the Israel nukes or the fake Fed money that led to JFK’s death. That’s the same difference anyway.

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Did you know That the guy that attempted to kill FDR early on was caught, tried and executed in under 4 months.

FDR was a 33rd degree Mason, and JFK was at war with them.

More importantly JFK didn’t want to allow Israel’s nuclear armament. Zionists (whatever masks they wear) got rid of him real fast.

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Crazy how it takes 25 years to execute a murder but this guy, 4 months

All the things happening in this country and all you have is stupid ass conspiracy shit.

You are possibly one of he stupidest people in this country excluding some Regressives.

Lou I hope you have a great day!