Who killed JR tread?

CIA killed JFK… if you ask why, it’s because cia thinks they control how this country is run. JFK didn’t do what he was told and moved to break up the CIA… so they killed him.

If you watch the video very closely you will see the driver turn and shoot.

JFK was shot on the right side of the head.
Impossible for the driver to do that.
Who could?
The agent on the passenger seat.

JFK was shot twice, first by the driver, and then the coup de grace came from the other agent.

Why did Rubinstein shoot Oswald, the patsy? To protect the criminal state. Israel.

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I didn’t notice the passenger I’ll have to re visit.

Look at the drive fully turned, and passenger behind driver looks like he’s moving so he gets a clear shot. .

That’s the Texas Governor for you.
He was also shot in the arm, literally, but it was never reported (because it would destroy the narrative that Oswald acted alone).

Yep, the Governor and his wife saw everything literally in front of their eyes, but they kept their mouths shut. Either voluntarily or under threat.

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People have kept their mouth shut for so long it’s time to expose everything. Ted Kennedy was probably in on this hit.

Most notably Jacqueline.
She saw the two assassins who killed her husband and she must have thought she would be next.

That’s why she tried to get away from them by crawling on to the back of the limo. That’s a very human reaction.

If the bullet really came from behind, there’s no rhyme or reason to expose herself to the danger.

It’s CIA’s Plan B or even Plan C, after the sniper on the grassy knoll missed JFK and shot Texas Governor instead.

The driver and his sidekick worked in perfect unison. While the passengers’ attention was focused on the pistol of the driver, his sidekick quickly turned around and shot JFK on the head. On the film clip above, he was already returned to his forward sitting position but still held something in his hand.

All the onlookers outside died mysteriously soon afterwards, and the assassins themselves didn’t live long either. (Died of cancer according to Bill Cooper).

Abraham Zapruder, a jooish immigrant from the Soviet Union, knew what totalitarian states are all about, went home unnoticed and cleverly hid the camera and film for decades.

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Why did Jack Ruby do it?

The people who took out JFK are the same people who took out RFK and took out Nixon. Their heirs tried to take out Trump.

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This insane, lbj was able to implement the great society welfare act, which put blacks back in Democrat control.

Somber LBJ.

There’s a photo taken a few minutes prior where he’s grinning from ear to ear. He must have thought Jacqueline was his now. That’s why she immediately married the Greek tycoon to get away from LJB.
(Pastor Texe Marrs thought LBJ was a crypto-Joo. Remember the Liberty incident? LJB refused to pursue the matter any further.)

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Trust in government is going to hit rock bottom if they ever release this information.

I think we arrived at rock bottom years ago. I’m sure if there is another level of bottom, we will get there…lol.

Tragedy for America (and the world) began in 1913 when President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act.

He was bribed by the international banksters, you know.


The time will come where we will have to build a better country based on this one’s failures.

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Holy hot fire

LBJ certainly knew that there was a plot to kill JFK and did not protect him, but LBJ was not the main culprit.

Any argument that diverts attention from the role Israel / Massad played in the assassination is smoke screen.

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