Who is "Gog and Magog"?

So instead we should pay liars who peddle antisemitic garbage.

Makes perfect sense.

Let’s clear one thing up. I’m not a Jew, I am in fact a Lutheran.

Let me clear up something else. Luther did not hate Jews though he vehemently opposed any religion other than Christianity as an abomination.

Some reading for the sane and rational people who might still be looking in on the thread.

You people should go tell some CHP members in Turkey that Ataturk was a Jew. I suspect they have heard that before from the Islamists and will know what to do with ( or to) you.

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I wish they’d man up and go to Israel and preach this shit in any of the Jewish communities.

They won’t though, they’ll stay safe at home preaching hate on the computer from mommy’s basement where they’ll never be tested on the courage of their convictions.

Pretty much on par with the claims you make. :wink:

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A Jew can claim to be anything, even Jewish.
But their darkness brought WWI, the Russian Revolution and WWII

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More baseless unsupportable lies.

There are no facts to support any of your claims.

How dark were Bolshevik Jews? Very dark.


Nice Jewish family

I wondered why this thread suddenly lost support from the anti-Israel crowd.

Apparently they are being furloughed and asked to volunteer their own time .

Christians need time to rethink and internalize the new interpretation put forth by Patrick. It just takes time.

Patrick’s interpretation that Gog and Magog are Khazar (fake Jew) Zionists is correct.

However, my interpretation is different in that Prophet Ezekiel means Palestinians when it comes to “God’s people” and not Christians in general.

Additionally, Ezekiel describes a horrible picture of US or NATO troops sent to support Israel, which is Gog and Magog, thieves and murderers.


so at last you admit Palestine has existed for 4000 years LOL.
Israel has only been around for 70 years,

Exactly so…


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The Khazar Empire is an extension of the Gokturk Empire(s) in the steppes of Central Asia.

These Asians reached and crossed the Volga in their heyday late in the 6th century.

The Khazars converted to Talmudic Judaism in the 9th century, after the King (or Kagan, which also became a Jewish surname) saw the other Gokturk Empires go under.

Palestine has existed as a geographical region since the great flood. It has never been a country.

Repeating the same bullshit that has already been thoroughly debunked just shows you have absolutely nothing of value to contribute.

The Khazars practice at least four different religions with the majority being Muslim. Jew’s make up less than 2% of the Khazars.

Like all of the tribes of the region in that era there was intermingling between the shepardic tribes and the Khazars.

There is zero evidence to suggest the Hebrews originated anywhere other than Palestine and their presence in the region has been continual for at least 3500 years.

Try again.

I pretty sure I know who was giving the tiki torch carriers their chants in Charlottesville.
“Jews will not replace us” makes absolutely no sense for a young American male to be chanting. But it is exactly what one would expect from a Palestinian who been told that he’s been kicked out of his home.

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The Arabs and Nazis have been working together since the 1930’s. They have common goals, the extermination of the Jewish People and Israel as a nation.

Adolf Eichmann and other leading nazis were Jews.