Who else is tired of Secularism?

Harper Lee was extremely naive.

“You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family" Now that’s total BS.

Back in the day life was simple. Easter was Easter, Christmas was Christmas. Thank’s Giving, well, it was Thank’s Giving.

No one had to put a lot of thought into the Holidays. It was a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate…

That has changed. I’ll be dammed my dumbass sister went and married a crybaby liberal. Not to be outdone some of my Cousins went and did the same. To make matters worse the old timers are dying off leaving the new generations to carry on family traditions.

So now these whiney ass liberals are screwing up Christmas. Instead of the family getting together for Christmas Eve they are calling it a Holiday Party, same for Christmas dinner. WTF. No more secret Santa, it’s now secret gift giver.

These young wise asses wish everyone a happy holiday. I, in turn, wish them a Merry Christmas. I’m told that’s no longer acceptable that we must embrace inclusion. My reply was you are excluding me by not wishing me a Merry Christmas. They don’t get the concept that one man’s inclusion is another’s exclusion.

I think this year for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I’m going to stay home. Light a fire in the fireplace, open a fresh bottle of Crown and smoke me one of those illegal Cuban cigars.


Why not show up and ruin their “holiday” instead?

It isn’t secularism, it’s Cultural Marxism and the whole point of it is atomization. Don’t give in.


Isolating yourself from your family because you’re upset with how the younger generation celebrate? Sounds in keeping with the spirit of the day.

“Family getting together” is ostensibly one of the main points of the season. If your Christmas spirit is so easily derailed by what the season is called then maybe you should consider whether you demonstrate anything to those “young wise asses” beyond bitterness and anger over whether they conform to your preferences.

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


Like I already wrote. One person’s inclusion is another’s exclusion. I would rather have a quiet time and reflect. And, the same can be said about them. Why should I have to conform to their preferences?

A handful of toadies make it their mission to simply destroy anything wholesome & innocent. Anyway, Merry Christmas from Jimsouth.


You don’t - you should ram Christmas down their throats.

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That’s OK because next year it’s at my house.

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I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but if someone says HEY! J! Merry Christmas, I’ll just wish it back.

Perhaps if family members cannot be considered but “young dumb asses” or “whiny assed liberals”, it is best to remain at home.

After a few rounds of snide, condescending encounters with various family members & one who interrupted what could have been a nice dinner with my in laws to force on me what I didn’t want, it’s rare I visit family.

Should the O P wish to push ideas on younger & other family members who aren’t comfortable, I guarantee they won’t be spending much time with him as a family member.

Welcome to my world.

I can go visit the wife family who say Happy Holidays. The talk about how bad our country is and of course the cause. I respond with we have a very low unemployment rate, housing prices are through the roof and people seem more prosperous today than any time I can remember.

They respond with, not everyone can afford a house. My response is how is that different from the past?

This year we will stay home and enjoy our own family.

Merry Christmas.

I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to argue about politics on a holiday or family occasion.

There is no longer an argument when you don’t attend.

Then they all wonder why we don’t attend.

There’s no argument in my house when people are busy getting drunk or stoned and smashing on a home cooked meal either. We play games and activities though, so I guess there’s not enough time for bringing Facebook into the dining room. lol

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Too often the holidays ( especially Christmas ) just bring out the worst in people. I keep my life simple & quiet. The grand kids want for nothing. That’s enough. The Black Friday carnage is really a hoot; that I will say. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [

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Sounds like the friends with whom we usually accept Thanksgiving dinner.

Having realized that the wife’s stepmother contributes nothing but Obama worship & insults towards those who have achieved academically & financially, I stayed home this year.

The recipe I tried didn’t turn out so great. But it along with the cat’s company was far better than listening to her idiotic rants.

I love going to family get togethers, whether its christmas or thanksgiving, easter.

I love pissing off my liberal leftitst family.

I tell them that this part of the table is my safe space
when they say negative things about Trump, conservatism, capitalism, I tell them that is a microaggression and I have the number of the ACLU in my wallet.

I tell them during dessert that I want more diversity, so in addition to apple pie, I want Humas, and only halal meat

I don’t clean up afterwards because I’m standing in solidarity with the African American community who were slaves 200 years ago, I figure as a white man I can do my part and show the solidarity for my fellow african americans

And a few of them threatens not to invite me over again and I threaten them with my lawyer and tell them I will get my conservative friends to protest in front of your house for discrimination
against White CIS hetrosexual males who is protesting on behalf of the homeless that no libs want to help, because I didnt see one homeless person or illegal immigrant at the table


My daughter has been partly indoctrinated. She was a teacher in the public school system and now is a principal. We had one unpleasant discussion about white guilt, privilege, and progressive liberalism overall. I love my daughter though so I dont want to grind her into the dirt using her own stupid liberal arguments against her. So we find topics that are only mildly contentious… such as teaching methods, for example, to debate. I’ll put my nearly rabid hatred of the progressive liberal ideology aside when I’m with my daughter.

They have created a garbage society.

I used to do the same thing with my sister. I didn’t want to crush the innocent bubble she lives in. That was until this past Thanksgiving when she brought a ghetto black fella “friend” to the house. I let her have it in front of everyone. Cletus started piping up with the typical high pitched screech they make when they are about to chimp out and get violent. My old man had been quiet until he heard that. He stood up and told Tyrone “if you want to stay vertical I suggest you get the fuck out of my house right now” in 33 years I have never heard my dad swear one time. Dad proceeded to go full Archie Bunker on my sister for 4 solid hours. It was great. He’s a retired cop.


Hope your sis didn’t burn the coal.

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