Who else is tired of Secularism?


She swears she didn’t. I sent a home HIV test to her apartment and freaked her out anyway.




I’m pretty sure Christ wouldn’t see it that way.

Show up, spread the joy and remind them of why Christmas matters.

No need to be rude about it and all that would accomplish is to drive a deeper wedge.


Not the Jesus Christ who was flipping tables and beating filthy merchants up in the Temple…right?

I love when people channel God and speak on his behalf. Blasphemer.


This is why “conservatives” lose every single time.


I don’t claim to speak for him nor did I attempt to but I do have to laugh at your hypocrisy.

Those people were desecrating the temple in case you forget. Christ wasn’t there to convert them he was there to punish them.

Christ did not seek to convert anyone through force but always through love and good acts. He showed them a better way to live and treat one another and to truly repent their sins, seek redemption for them, and to go on and live better lives.


If that were true this would already be a socialist cesspool and no conservative would have ever won office.


It is a socialist cesspool and no conservative has ever held office…not in recent times anyway.



We now return you to your regularly scheduled delusions.


Name one. You threw it out there.


Not that any of them will fit your twisted version of “conservative” but here’s a few.


I’m curious, do you even understand what the modern conservative movement is all about?

A good essay here on the subject.


My twisted version if conservatism? Need to go straight to insults when you’re challenged? I don’t support cuckservatives. If you do then you might as well stop lieing to yourself and vote Democrat.

I would like to see conservatives actually conserve something. Your precious Tea Party swamp rats haven’t done shit. Corporate bailouts, increased spending, growing the military industrial complex, no fixes to immigration, no de-funding of Planned Parenthood, Benghazi investigations that cost money and went nowhere. The list goes on and on.

They got their talking points down though.


Thank you for proving my point.


That made no sense. You can’t refute my point so you say I prove yours. Not an argument.


Your rant demonstrated my original point perfectly so no further comment was necessary.


His rant proved that no actual conservatives have held office recently, only people who call themselves conservative.


His rant didn’t “prove” anything except his own bias.


Secular Humanism, modernitst, materialism, and evolutionary Darwinism all drive me nuts for several reasons.

  1. They always seek first not to reason, but to shut down reasonable discussion
  2. They spend billions to look for Aliens (to disprove God), to propagandize to eradicate belief in God, and looking for a fossil record that does not exist and is known to have rapid explosions of life and long dry periods of little change.
  3. They do all this with other people’s money and a pernicious smugness that, to a trained observer, gives a tel about their vacuous confidence in the garbage that they extol and worship.

I used to have the most crazy set of friends, mostly from playing team sports for recreation. We had everything you can think of except illegals, and no trannys. After Obama evolved (evolution that you can believe in…) on several subjects, I heard the underhanded mumbling about me being a White, Christian, married guy with kids…

i flushed the whole lot of them out of my life. Out of my life and I hope that the door does hit you on the backside.

And in-laws… two of their three teenage kids are little leftists, don’t know yet about the third.
They worked hard to get those kids the background/experience/education that gets you into a top rank university.
Someday, I will get to look them in the eye and ask them: What does it benefit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?

To anyone that reads this: Have a very Merry Christmas!


It’s not the secularism I object to, if they choose to go to hell that’s their business. It’s the puritanism part of secular puritanism I take issue with. The authoritarian imposition. The demand that I participate in their garbage society.

Nothing important didn’t exist 100 years ago. Everything else is just tools.