Who brought down the Malaysian MH17 five years ago?

When the plane was attacked, destroyed and hundreds of people were killed, the “Western” media immediately pointed finger at Putin’s Russia, without any shred of evidence.
“It was Russia’s Buk missile!” so went the hysteria.

But look at this photo.



The plane’s cockpit area is riddled with bullet (or canon many be the right term) holes. Somebody shot at the cockpit area of the passenger plane to KILL the pilots from the same altitude.

The Buk missile behaves entirely differently. It explodes ahead of a targeted plane and sends off thousands and thousands of small shrapnel through it.

Hillary Clinton said, it was a Russian weapon. Amazingly, she can’t tell any truth without a lie. (ALL Ukrainian weaponry is Russian made.)

The canon fire on the photo can only come from a Ukrainian Sukhoi (not MiG) which cannot fly at a very high altitude, thus the Malaysian plane had been instructed to lower its altitude before the attack.

And exactly on the same day, Netaniyahu’s massacre of Gaza began, which sure enough went little reported because the world was preoccupied with this attack on a civilian plane over Ukraine. Coincidence?

I would need a higher resolution photo, but it looks like the metal is flaying out and not bent in. If the metal is flaying out that seems to me that it would be linked closer to an internal explosion.

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Will this help?

They are exit holes.
Why Malaysia handed over the black box to the Dutch, subsequently to the British authorities is a mystery to me.

There would have been no strategic benefit to anyone by downing the plane in the manner that you suggest. Even if it was to create a distraction (as you suggest) why not use a better distraction like an oil spill where people won’t be looking to start a war over the answers they find?

The date 7-17
MH 17
Boeing 777

All these numbers probably have an occult meaning, just like 911.

This almost started a war actually, which Putin cleverly handled.

It was always obvious that Ukraine was the only actor that would benefit from this.

Air Defense Artillery can easily knock a defenseless bird out of the sky.

“Ukrainian forces captured Vladimir Tsemach June 27… in the Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine. Tsemach, 58, is believed to have been the commander of a Russian-backed air defense unit when MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014.”


I think it was these guys!

It’s quite possible.

It’s also possible that the Cleveland Browns were behind it, since they have a lot of free time on their hands and need to be kept busy doing other things.

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To send up a Buk missile, you need a corps of computer technicians while the “separatists” in southeast Ukraine do not have such engineers.

Interesting to note that the Kiev junta had sent its own Buk to the region prior to the crime on 7-17.

One speculation is that Buk’s advanced tracking system could tell the Ukrainian Sukhoi (or MiG) exactly where MH17 was.

Oh bullshit, we tracked the missile launcher from it’s base to where it fired and back.

That picture is shrapnel damage from a missile strike.

Nothing other than a missile could hit a plane that high other than another plane.

What a crock.
The Buk shrapnel in question are so small, you wouldn’t see them in a photo.
They will pierce the enemy aircraft and bodies of the crew.

Russia also tested the canon on Sukhoi by firing at a dummy aircraft on the ground, and the result showed exactly what you see on the photos.

You are crock! This is what you spew out of your mouth on a daily basis here Magog!


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A little dose of reality.

We tracked the launcher to and from the base and they recovered the damned missile.

And yet another.

BS, you need a four man crew, the system is completely self contained and again, we tracked it from the base, to the launch site and back.


Whether Sukoi or MiG or even a bomb, it wasn’t Buk.

Ukraine is a failed state. I consider this pilot a victim.

Peter Haisenko

Yet an international investigation by actual experts not working for Putin proved otherwise.

Ukraine would be doing just fine if the Russians weren’t gobbling it up one bite at a time.

Do you mean NATO gobbling up Ukraine?
How many votes did Poroshenko get recently?

What the hell are you even talking about?

NATO hasn’t’ taken an inch of Ukraine.

Russia on the other hand has taken about a quarter of the country along with all of Crimea.

Ukraine was an independent nation who wanted to become part of NATO but unfortunately the Russians blocked it.