White Cops Go To Jail

One thing white cops have got to understand: Don’t shoot or arrest black people because if you do you are going to jail. If you are a white cop and you see a black person killing someone, or stealing something, or raping someone don’t stop them! Let the public finally figure it out that we need policemen. If someone says to a policeman why didn’t you stop that black person from murdering that person, the cop needs to say I am not going to prison for stopping a black person from committing a crime. If you want me to stop black crime don’t send me to prison for stopping the crime, otherwise to hell with ye, you stop the crime, let you go to prison.

 Kimberly Potter is not guilty, Daunte Wright is guilty of resisting arrest, she made a mistake, but Daunte Wright make the big mistake, he would still be alive if he was not resisting arrest.

 So, white cops, don't shoot or arrest black people!
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If a black person threatens me and my family’s life I will not hesitate to shoot.

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Here is more evidence of Wright that shot and killed a 16 year kid. he deserved what he got.

Sad but true , but it is happening at an accelerated rate in shithole demoRAT Cities . Most of these Cities have rules that make it close to impossible for police to do their job effectively .

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I also think its a symptom of a much larger problem which is the beginning stages of society breaking down, and the same democratic Marxists scumbags who should be gagged, hog tied, and tared and feathered, with violent display hang their bodies from street lamp posts across the country. They want to collapse the country so they can start a war. If a war is what they want then we should give them one. I am just waiting for when someone says the word go!

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The attorney general of Minnesota Ellison is a racist. A known racist.
He sets the perimeters on prosecutions of cops and citizens.

He lets blacks out and whites pay the price…
when the fuck is some lawyer going to sue, file a complaint (see it through)
When is the DOJ going to stop this harassment based on skin color and political beliefs.

When white people like you stop sitting behind computers and complaining about it on forums like these.

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