White Americans are suffering an identity crisis



So you take one anecdotal situation and expand it into an opinion applicable to all white Americans? How naive.

Then why the title “White Americans…”?

Why not “Some White Americans…”
or “Many White Americans…”
or “Most White Americans…”

…of which only the first is correct beyond doubt?

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If Edward Saunders thought about Americans as individuals instead of some amorphous sentient body of “White Americans”, he would understand that he is misguided in trying to draw conclusions about this body. Individualism is what characterizes Americans… traditional Americans of any color. While individualism is not unheard of in Europe, I don’t think that individualism is the dominant characteristic of Europeans. Whereas… for traditional Americans anyhow… it is. That is why attempts to put “white Americans” under a microscope will not lead to much understanding of them… us.


How’s that European approach for maintaining white identity working out for ya?

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The report, surprisingly fair in its nature, was about Trump’s so-called base of support in the heartlands of America. The journalist and crew had gone to rural Georgia, to interview a white mother and stable yard owner, her daughter and the daughter’s friends.

Outback Georgia is the heartlands of the US? That shows how surprisingly fair your article rally is.

Was the person in Georgia a person of â– â– â– â– â– â–  descent?

Are Mexicans in the US flying the flag of Mexico suffering a identity crisis too?

Are Hondurans headed to the US flying the Flag ion Honduras also suffering an identity crisis?

I’m surprised you don’t mention the people of Irish descent celebrating St. Pat’s day flyings Irish flags.

The American Conservative’s obsession with the Constitution is also puzzling.
Why is it puzzling? A desire to b governed by the document of rules set up to guid this country? The amendments are a part of the constitution and are supported by conservatives. I’m amazed that simple reality isn’t recognized.

Your article shows how little you understand regarding this country and the people that live here.

Yeah that is what is called Identity politics, or tribal identity!

No it is not OK to a degree, It is the only way, and it’s what defines individual liberties is the freedom to be and people need to understand that concept to defend it at all costs! Once you start talking about collectivism then you are submitting to defeatists attitudes!

I disagree, apathy is what is leaving the right vulnerable! Incorrect to assail liberty or individualistic thinking as a vulnerability It’s a strength!

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individualistic thinking has left a lot of whites on the right vulnerable.

Group think like you see on the left is preferable?? The follow the leader lockstep voting is the new norm?

Imagine original thinking, challenging the diatribe of the left or right is a problem.


Personally, my identity would be quite at home standing shoulder to shoulder with an American of any color if that American believed in and defended the liberties to live according to their own beliefs and the freedom from centralized oppression and group-think.


This article is an example of how little some understand about the American conservative.


The vulnerability issue deserves more discussion though. Definitely the hordes have power over individuals. But then, stamping out every individualistic individual rather than a whole movement is almost impossible.

Suppose the lib self hating group-think prevails and individualism is forced underground. Is that individualism a spark that will reignite a new nation or is it a dying ember of a long gone zeitgeist? I’m not sure I know.

Guys - help me out here. Is there something inherently wrong with advancing the interests of those of us who are ethnically European?

What we want and desire for our society is often at odds with many people who come into Europe and the United States. Given what happened in New Zealand recently I will include both Australia and New Zealand in this as well. I should probably also include South Africa while I’m at it.

Globally, people of European origin are a minority. simply because we have been historically the most successful minority doesn’t change the fact that globally we are few. So naturally We have our own set of beliefs and interests related to our people.

There is nothing wrong with this.


I think you are missing the point altogether in what I am saying. Equating races of people as a means of replacing individualism is an incorrect assumption your part.

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Kudos to their independent thought. I hope the remaining 83% of the European population follows their lead.
Americans will find our own way… and it will be neither racist nor will it lead to “white genocide”.

You are conflating “white” with European or American culture and society. What you mean is that specifically, Muslims do not assimilate, whether they are brown, black, white or whatever. There are plenty of other races who have migrated to our shores, who respect and have taken on our culture as well as introducing their own to ours. The perfect example is the Indian community. Chicken tikka masala is the favourite British dish! Ok, that is not strictly Indian, but they have adapted it for our tastes and that is very much part of our culture and identity now.

No! That’s was excellent. Undelete.


So if it was up to you, would you have any immigration at all? How about the well qualified and solvent who will contribute to our society? Or would it be for white people only?

Black people are a part of who America is… I mean deeply inextricably alloyed with White America to make a unique people. The liberals were not content with the 1964 Civil Rights Act though and they corrupted and pussified much of the race through enslavement with economic handouts. So the Democrat black people are now poison to the very America that fought for their freedom and equality. Still… there are black Americans who carry the Christian torch when many white Christian let it burn out. And their strengthening contributions do not end there.

It is the liberals of all colors that need to be beaten.


That is precisely the point. The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are relatively new countries. These countries were created by Europeans. People may whine and complain about how these countries came to be, but that doesn’t matter. The fact is these countries exist today and they are inextricably linked to European peoples and cultures - which includes their respective forms of government.

My point is that it should be perfectly fine for people of European origin (aka whites) to have interests that are centered around their religious, cultural, and political belief systems - and have countries that reflect those systems. That’s not to say that others aren’t welcome in those countries, just that those countries should primarily be comprised of people of European origin. This wasn’t even something that anyone questioned up until the late 1960s. Cultural Marxism has done such a fine job brainwashing people that it’s only “others” who are permitted to have interests and who are permitted to live amongst one another without penalty. It should not be that way.


They are only 13% of the population. They aren’t the ones putting people of European origin in the minority category in their own country.