Where do missing people go?

National Parks in America are dangerous.
Missing cases are not publicized as they should be.

Scientists and bright college kids are at risk, and interestingly enough, people with German ancestry.

More alien conspiracy nut BS from the home of alien conspiracy nuts “Gaia”.

People disappear for numerous reasons.

Some want to disappear.

Some get sick or injured in places that are way off trail after becoming lost and die in places that are inaccessible and unobservable.

Some end up in the belly of a predator or scavengers and simply get recycled.

Unless they are found you’ll never know how or why.

Perhaps they run away from people who beat a single drum incessantly.


They’re often murdered by Democrats.

Had a lady ask me very indignantly why I was carrying a gun a while back… (I was open carrying because I was headed home from biking and I couldn’t conceal carry with the shirt I had on, I normally conceal carry)… her attitude and demeanor was dripping with hate… I said “well ma’am, you never know when you’re going to have to defend yourself or your community from a Democrat…” and walked off. Wish I had a body cam because you could have smacked her with a brick and not had a funnier look…


It’s amazing.
It’s a very serious issue, and yet many Americans think it’s something happening on Mars or something.
(You get the sarcasm?)

And you’re one of them, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I ain’t no American, and I ain’t on Mars either

Shame on half-blinds

So, you are a foreign whacko. Gotcha. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe an illegal alien! :alien:


Neptune or Saturn most likely or perhaps the high temps on Venus explain the insanity?

Mercury is not as hot as you might think.
One side of Mercury is frozen over.

The distance from the sun does not directly affect the temperature of a given planet.

Why do you keep making up such insane crap that is refuted by all known science?

Pretty much nothing but rock, heavy metals and some other pure minerals can even exist on Mercury in a solid state due to the temps.

You also have a problem with the fact there is no measurable water left of mercury so about all that could freeze would be CO2.

Since the atmosphere cooked off more than a billion years ago there is no measurable carbon to speak of and almost no Oxygen remaining thus not even CO2 can be found.

The reason for this is that Mercury has a thin atmosphere that cannot trap solar heat. Its maximum atmospheric pressure is estimated to be 0.00000000003 pounds per square inch; on Earth, the atmospheric pressure is around 14.7 pounds per square inch. Mercury’s atmosphere is composed of very small amounts of hydrogen, oxygen, helium and sodium.

Thee may be some water ice in very deep polar craters but with almost no atmosphere it would be like the water found on our own moon in crystialine form rather than chunks of ice and if light ever hits it, sublimation would almost be instantaneus.

The sun doesn’t cause heating? Ridiculous, that’s why when the dark side of Mercury is 100K the day side can exceed 400K.

It’s the same reason on our own planet day and nigttine temps average around 30F a 30 degree F differential.

On mars it’s even more stable due to that distance, and on Mercury the slow rotation of the planet, over 40 days for a single rotation it is quite extreme.

Temperature of Mars - Universe Today

www.universetoday.com /14911/ temperature-of-mars

Temperature of Mars. For the most part it is very cold on Mars. The only exception is during the summer days close to or at the equator. Even at the equator, the night time temperatures fall well below zero. On those summer days, it can be around 20 degrees Celsius then plummet to - 90 C at night .

The short rotational period just slightly longer than that of earth combined with the distance is exactly why there’s only about a 110 degree difference at the equator between day/night, instead of over 500 on Mercury.

You are utterly delusional or just so ignorant it must hurt

At first, I thought this was some hoax. As if, when we disappear, we are being probed by aliens image . Lol
Will that mean, when President Trump is gone in 2024, people will start to wonder:
Was he really missing? Lol

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Paulides is a nut getting rich off of conspiracy nuts that make him look sane.

Why do you continue to make such obviously wrong statements?

The surface temperature of Mercury is 430 C in the sun and minus 180 C on the dark side. The Moon (selected instead of Earth because of its lack of atmosphere) which is 2.5 times farther from the sun, reaches only 127 C in the sun and minus 173 in the dark. Mars, some 3.9 times farther from the sun than Mercury, only reaches 20 C during the day and (because it has more atmosphere than either of the other two orbs) falls to about minus 70-90 C (like Earth, it gets much colder than that at the poles) at night. The daytime temperature difference is entirely due to the distance from the Sun of each of those celestial bodies.

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Facts are elusive because they are so uncomfortable for conspiracy nuts.

Ice on Mercury. Enough said.

Not in the sun. You do understand, don’t you (you did read your link I presume) that the bottom of those craters never see direct sunlight.

More than enough said …

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The volitile elements and compounds burned off billions of years ago anywhere that light reaches.

Apparently some can’t grasp that.