When will the money arrive? Here are answers to your questions about the coronavirus stimulus checks

When will the money arrive? I thought you conservatives were all rugged individualists that didn’t need anything from big government?

I work a bit to much last year, net zero for me.

The problem:
We pay more in Federal Income Tax than many Americans and some feel they are just getting back some of the money that they paid in.

When half pay nothing it’s difficult not to want the same treatment.

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What are you talking about? Trying reading for context for not doing so makes your comment look dumb!

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I looked further and I don’t qualify either so rather wasted effort here for me.


What did I get wrong? A bunch of rough and tough conservatives looking for their government handout? Please.

You got everything wrong, You are just exercising your opportunity to practice your tribal politics again here! Surprise surprise! If you had half a brain you would know this is a non partisan issue!


I have no issue with people getting assistance from the government. What I have an issue with is a bunch of hypocrites who have done nothing but denigrate those who do receive assistance from the government now clamoring for the very same assistance they have been vigorously dismissing in all other situations. It’s okay if you are good with government handouts now. Just own it.

No that’s not it! You just have a problem in general, to the point you have to be in a perpetual state of conflict! Your conflation is obvious to the point you have to be verbose in your response! Again it’s a non partisan issue! Where is your compassion that you lefties always champion to be about? Oh I know it doesn’t apply to conservatives in your views! To you they are your oppressors!


You will find out what full socialism is all about when your demonrat buddies get in office !

What the hell are you talking about , most of us don’t want it and do NOT need it . Second this is for the Americans OUT OF WORK because the government ordered them shutdown ! There is a difference from working your whole life and collecting welfare for 4 fucking generations !!!


Then you don’t have to take it! Maybe you should give it to those who need it more than you do instead of being greedy about it. I just love how all of you hardcore Republicans are clamoring for the government to issue you a check lol

Right now, for those applying for the Bank of America, “Paycheck” relief program—going directly to B of A --using your business accounts, beginning today, April 3rd, you are probably having of a difficult time, advancing on the application, due to heavy website traffic. The bank admits there is heavy traffic and says to keep trying.

This program is part of the CARES ACT PROGRAM.
Other banks are offering this also, but BofA is starting applications first, starting today for small businesses (less than 500 employees) disrupted by the Corona lockdown. Loans can be up to 10 million dollars, depending on need of the business.

The process requires submitting your recent financial and payroll over the past year to the online forms.

The loans will cover payroll and expenses and the CARES program will be paying these loans.

First step is calling your bank and they will direct you to the application links

Additional SBA disaster relief loans are also on the SBA website.


This has nothing to do with handouts and socialism. This is all based in national security and protecting America during a sudden pandemic.

Saying degrading hate laced comments is just negativity accomplishing nothing.

The stimulus checks are not just for some desperate recipients. The money received is spent and that goes into the economy.

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US Treasury guidelines:

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He’s already said his check will go to charity. Then he said he won’t be getting one.

What are you going to do with yours?

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Some good news: Americans who are overdue on child support could see their cash payments reduced or eliminated.

Yup, same here. :wink:

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And today the SBA is out of money. The GOP wanted to add 250 billion to the program, the dems killed it as it didn’t target special interest groups.



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