When will the money arrive? Here are answers to your questions about the coronavirus stimulus checks

Of course this article doesn’t answer every question such as will people still get a check if they owe the IRS in back taxes? If you can think of any other questions that this article left out please list them here.

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For those already receiving Social Security and haven’t needed to file, here is the US Department of the Treasury saying, no additional filing is necessary. checks and direct deposits will come automatically.

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Good to know and thanks for sharing. I know a lot of people who could use this money so just trying to basically get the answers to many questions not included.

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So are you guys excited about the government going full socialist?

No, but what are you going to do? Refuse free money? I am donating mine to charity.

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When will my money arrive that is getting yanked out of my check that I’m not getting because people were too dicked up to have a savings account? Hmm :thinking:

Frankly? I don’t give a shit.


Well does that preclude getting a check in the mail? I really don’t understand your statement perhaps. Care to elaborate?

I’m not getting a check. My paycheck is getting raped so a bunch of broke slackers can have the money I worked for.

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Well I read that if you owe taxes that it will be waived, you will get a check regardless. The only ones who won’t get a check are the people who owe child support.

No - if you make above some bullshit low-level amount of money you aren’t getting anything. Just more taking to pay for the welfare queens on the left and the right. Anyone who calls themselves a “conservative” and takes this check is a joke.

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So if you are making above 150,000 then logic says you really don’t need the stimulus check right? I don’t see the problem with that. It’s the aggregate of this bill and the pork attached to it is what I have a problem with mostly.

I didn’t say I needed a check. I think it’s garbage that the checks are going out to begin with. I’m tired of paying for the leeches in this country and it’s not my problem if they starve because they were too stupid and lazy to save. $1200 isn’t going to do shit either. I hope all these welfare queens get it shaved off on their 2020 tax returns.

Well, I can agree with your sentiment on this issue but what are you going to do? It’s not like you can control what the plutocrats in DC decide to do with your money. IMO you have a few choices:

  1. You can rip up the check and be contemptuous and foam at the mouth in disgust.

  2. You can mail the check back to the treasury

  3. You can frame the check and never cash it and then it can serve as a reminder to feed the cancer of your contempt

  4. You can cash the check and invest it in a worthwhile cause that might make a positive contribution and might make you feel good that you did something positive in the world.

  5. Or like me, donate it to a charity

Choices, choices choices! Deep breaths!

Your “choices” are irrelevant to me as I am not getting a check. Glad you are going to take my money and give it to charity though. Very conservative of you to take a handout from the government.


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Yeah ok sure! Stew in your rot, it serves no purpose other than to feed your own cancer that grows inside you!

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Cool…have fun not “conserving” shit. Enjoy your new welfare queen status though. Make sure you donate to a charity that doles out the fried chicken and the basketballs.

I am at peace with it at the end of the day, apparently you are not, why else would you pass judgment on others? You morally superior to everyone else?

Not gonna lie. People that need $1200 this badly are the reason this country is so fucked up.

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I paid serious taxes my entire working life. I want something in return. I never asked for a nickel.