When AI Takes Over... Everything Will be Fake!

Here is an article that might interest you.

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Dudes talking to bots now lol

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I’ve been refining my AI approach:

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Jesus will refine his judgement for you when the time comes. :fire: :fire: :fire:

The Japanese surrender during WWII in full color.

It’s artwork. Relax.

Listen boomer, just worry about if enough black guys have fucked your daughter. Ok?

No, it isn’t. I’m sure you don’t get it, but I didn’t expect you would.

I’m not worried about that at all. I love the ‘Boomer’ shit…lol. It’s all you youngsters have to say when you’re wrong. :rofl:

Here is mine.


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Your generation literally created the mess we are in.

Your generation is following blindly to the indoctrination of the leftists… and are the creators of the mess this country has become.

The kids are waking up though, rest assured.

lol fuck off - your generation controls every government and every company on Earth.

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For now. your generation will control everything in a few short years. Good luck.

We are sitting on the abyss of a collapsing empire!

Yes, the children and grandchildren that the boomers fucked up and fucked over.

I am at least pleased to see these Zoomers not having any of it. Hence, the revival happening right now.

I know. The signs of the end time are appearing.

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