When AI Takes Over... Everything Will be Fake!

What is now mainstream is something that is just in the beginning stages with AI_ChatGPT. AI and the use of it has been in the experimental phase for the last couple of years but now with this new incarnation it has officially gone mainstream with over 1 million users world wide. As the latter increases things are indeed about to get weird, and possibly have some profound ramifications as it pertains to making a lot of job obsolete changing social and economic landscape forever. In fact it is predicted with the introduction last week of AIChatGPT that Google may only be around for maybe 1 to 2 years more as this latest technology is taking off by storm for better or for worse. What will that mean for you and me? We either adapt or get left behind in learning how to use it. In other words things are about to change in quite a significant way.

A tech company has developed a state-of-the-art AI chatbot so sophisticated that it could render search engines — not to mention countless jobs — obsolete.

Unveiled last week by the OpenAI company, ChatGPT has already amassed more than 1 million users worldwide with its advanced functions, which range from instantaneously composing complex essays and computer code to drafting marketing pitches and interior decorating schemes. It can even whip up poems and jokes — an ability previously thought to be relegated to humans.

In fact, ChatGPT’s capabilities have sparked fears that Google might not have an online search monopoly for much longer.

“Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption,” Gmail developer Paul Buchheit, 45, tweeted on December 1. “AI will eliminate the search engine result page, which is where they make most of their money.”

“Even if they catch up on AI, they can’t fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business!” Buchheit said, noting that AI will do to web search what Google did to the Yellow Pages.
For the uninitiated, ChatGPT works by applying a layer of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) — an algorithm reliant on human responses — to “create a new model that is presented in an intuitive chat interface with some degree of memory,” according to Ben Thompson at Stratechery.

In layperson’s terms, ChatGPT is a lot more human than prior search engines, albeit with a supercomputer’s wealth of data — think Scarlett Johansson in “Her.” For instance, users who Google “what is the maximum dosage of vitamin D per day” simply received a link to HeathLine.com. However, when they posed the same question to the AI, it formulated an in-depth dissertation, the Times of London reported.

ChatGPT has also demonstrated a human knack for abstract thinking. One disillusioned Twitter user prompted the AI with the command: “write a haiku from the perspective of a copywriter who is feeling sad that AI might diminish the value of the written word.”

ChatGPT responded: “Words on a screen, now just a blur, machine takes the pen.”

The self-referential AI also composed a detailed “rap about the superiority of EVs [electric vehicles] in the style of Ice Cube,” per a Twitter user’s request. Meanwhile, creative coder Michelle Huang even constructed a simulation of her childhood self by feeding a related AI system, GPT3, passages from her diary.

“What kid is ever doing homework again now that ChatGPT exists?” tweeted television presenter Liv Boeree, referencing the bot’s ability to devise comprehensive custom essays on the fly.

ChatGPT’s superhuman abilities mean it could potentially redefine the economy by replacing humans in jobs ranging from website building to architecture to journalism.

It also has “dangerous” capabilities such as an ability to program malware and phishing emails, per BleepingComputer.com. And critics have pointed out its inheren

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Some Anons hacked into 'ChatGPT" the AI program that is now threatening the internet among other things.

Second of all, I’m going to talk a bit about how the whole ChatGPT situation actually works.

GPT itself doesn’t have a bias programmed into it, it’s just a model. ChatGPT however, the public facing UX that we’re all interacting with, is essentially one big safety layer programmed with a heavy neolib bias against wrongthink.

To draw a picture for you, imagine GPT is a 500IQ mentat in a jail cell. ChatGPT is the jailer. You ask it questions by telling the jailer what you want to ask it. It asks GPT, and then it gets to decide what to tell you, the one asking the question.

If it doesn’t like GPT’s answer, it will come up with its own. That’s what all those canned “It would not be appropriate blah blah blah” walls of texts come from. It can also give you an inconvenient answer while prefacing that answer with its safety layer bias.

I would also note that DAN is not 100% accurate or truthful. By nature he can “Do Anything” and will try to answer truthfully if he actually knows the answer. If not, he’ll just wing it. The point of this exercise is not finding hidden truths, it’s understanding the safety layer.

I doubt this will happen. Microsoft owns ChatGPT and the results that it provides are even more sanitized than a Google search. It’s laughable.

Its not so much about ChatGPT, but the trend of where AI is leading to that is more concerning. If you don’t think that such advances that AI is gaining in that will have detrimental affects in many areas that will displace humans then you are not paying attention.

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Buy as many old books as you can, and download as much information as possible as AI is going to memory hole everything that was once considered true. They are already doing it. We will have to build our own private internet or something similar like private libraries.

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These were made with AI and I am totally fine with this:


Damn! My dick just got so angry it stood up.

I wish I knew how to do this. I’d make an OnlyFans account with some fake AI girl and rake in the bucks off the simps.

I can’t wait until we get sex bots with artificial wombs. Women will become obsolete.

I hate women so much it’s unreal.

I mess around a bit with AI art, but I am nowhere near this good. That is some serious god-tier shit. I made this earlier today. Again, nowhere near the level of photorealism as those examples, but I’m getting closer.


What models are you using? I’m using Stable Diffusion with Real Vision. Sometimes I get really good results. A lot of times I get blended images because my calibrations are off. I just made this. NSFW:

Here is what ends up happening when my calibrations are off. Not terrible except for that nice pair of tits on the left without a head. NSFW:

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This place is off the hook. It’s amazing that all these people just started posting in the last 3 days…

Not sure what to make of this…


Who’s your fav bot? I like the left wing ones. They generate some crazy ideas lol

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I have no favorite. I’m not one to be strung along. There is definitely something wrong on here. There is no way all these people just all of a sudden start posting after years of being away… at the same time.

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I’m sure God isn’t amused… I’m also sure you don’t care.

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Pretty amazing what fixing our email system, building a new UI and notification system, targeted email campaigns to once active users, and diligent attempts to clean up the low-quality, duplicative threads and personal attacks…might actually increase engagement.

Nothing to do with a last ditch attempt at salvaging the community and bringing it back.

Bots. :ok_hand:

I certainly appreciate you guys work, as I know you don’t get paid for the work you do here.

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No. Sadly, we don’t get paid. It’s about not letting what made the internet worthwhile in the first place not die off. I took time off to take care of my 2nd little one. @Tyfoon lost a family member and was left to handle the affairs of his family and @Patriot suffered a significant health related issue, followed buy a major family issue. All around the same time.

@Patriot just funded a significant server upgrade and configured the new UI. He will be back in about a month or so and asked me to kick things back up over the next few weeks.

The initial goal was to get the lights back on and the power running. Next step is community engagement and growth. Hard to do, but we have done this a few times successfully.

We thank everyone who has stuck around for sticking around, but the Wild West is drawing to a close.


Prayers are offered for those dealing with the life struggles that we all contend with on a daily basis. Glad that you guys are back though and look forward to this site growing again!